Overwatch 2 Trials of Sanctuary: Diablo mode explained

Nathan Warby
Imperious Reinhardt in Overwatch 2 Season 7

Overwatch 2 Season 7 brings a brand-new Diablo crossover, including a limited-time mode inspired by the series. Here’s everything you need to know about Overwatch 2 Trials of Sanctuary mode.

The Overwatch 2 Season 7 update is set to arrive on October 10, bringing a brand-new Battle Pass for fans to grind, a rework to Sombra, and even a Halloween event. The latter has really caught players’ eye, as it features a crossover with another Blizzard IP, Diablo 4.

As part of the collaboration, Moira will receive a new skin inspired by antagonist Lilith, along with a fresh limited-time mode titled Trials of Sanctuary.

Here’s everything you need to know Overwatch 2 Trials of Sanctuary in Season 7.

Overwatch 2 Trials of Sanctuary explained

Moira Lilith Diablo 4 skin in Overwatch 2 Halloween event
Moira becomes Lilith in the Overwatch 2 x Diablo crossover.

Overwatch 2 Trials of Sancturay tasks teams of six with surviving increasingly difficult waves of enemies on an overhauled version of the Blizzard World map. These AI foes will be inspired by the demons that roam Sanctuary in the Diablo series.

With each passing wave, the enemies will grow bigger and stronger. Eventually, the standard enemies will be replaced with iconic Diablo villains played by popular Overwatch Heroes, from Butcher Roadhog to Lilith Moira.

There will be plenty of challenges and rewards tied to the mode, but we’ll have to wait until Trials of Sanctuary goes live to see exactly what they are.

Overwatch 2 Trials of Sanctuary characters

Overwatch 2 players can choose from one of six characters in Trials of Sanctuary, all inspired by characters and classes found in Diablo. Check them all out below:

  • Demon Hunter Sombra
  • Barbarian Zarya
  • Night Raven Illari
  • Cleric Lifeweaver
  • Imperious Reinhardt
  • Inarius Pharah

These skins will likely be available for players to unlock in-game, either as part of the Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror event or by purchasing them from the store.

That was everything we know so far about Overwatch 2 Trials of Sanctuary. We’ll be sure to update this page with any more details once they’re announced.

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