Overwatch 2 players call for change to “trash” ranked system

Joseph Pascoulis
Orisa in Overwatch 2

The new Overwatch 2 ranked system is being slammed by the community, with players expressing discontent and asking for change.

Overwatch 2 Season 1 has officially rebooted Blizzard Entertainment’s hero shooter as a free-to-play game with a Battle Pass system and seasonal content.

While the seasonal content including new Heroes and maps is definitely a win for the Overwatch 2 player base, the sequel has, unfortunately, fallen short when it comes to the removal of beloved classic features.

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As well as this, players are now calling for change to the Competitive mode, calling the new ranked system “trash” and worse than the original system in OW1.

Pro Overwatch player Crimzo shared his feelings towards the new ranked system over on Twitter, stating that “this new ranked system for Overwatch 2 is absolute trash.” The main reason the pro seems to feel this way is because the “matchmaking is horrendous,” and “everything [is] hidden from you.”

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Players are only able to see their rank progression after 7 wins or 20 losses and draws in Overwatch 2, leaving players guessing their rank until then. This new system hasn’t gone down well, even causing the pro to feel that the “Overwatch 1 ranked system was 100x better.”

This is something that other players also have issues with, as streamers Deku and NyanSox also mention the hidden ranks in their criticisms of Overwatch 2’s Competitive mode.

Deku even feels that the “new ranked system in OW2 seems to really be trying hard to make the game as casual as possible,” with “no idea of how you are doing in your games until you reach 7 wins.”

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The streamer feels that this new system ultimately makes Overwatch 2’s Competitive mode “very unrewarding” and “boring.”

NyanSox also agrees, stating that one of the biggest problems with OW2’s ranked system is that players have “no idea how [their] doing till 7 wins or 21 losses.”

These players all seem to feel that this hidden ranked system and “broken” matchmaking is causing “no real incentive to even grind” Overwatch 2’s ranked mode.

Further, in agreement with Crimzo, NyanSox also feels that the OW1 ranked system was better, calling for the devs to “just go back to the old system,” calling OW2’s Competitive mode “broken” and “absurd.”

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As Overwatch 2 is only in its first season, the game’s ranked mode will likely go through a lot of much, much like ranked in Apex Legends has throughout its fourteen seasons.

It’s still early days, but clearly Overwatch 2 players aren’t satisfied with the new system, so perhaps the devs will act fast.

For more on Overwatch 2, make sure you check out everything we know about the Season 2 update.

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

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