Overwatch 2 players appalled after comparing Halloween event prices with Fortnite

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overwatch 2 Halloween event skins

Overwatch 2 players are extremely disappointed with the price of the Halloween cosmetics, especially after comparing them to other free-to-play games such as Fortnite.

The month of October has brought the return of the Overwatch 2 Junkenstein’s Revenge Halloween event, but this time it’s the Wrath of the Bride.

Players will be completing challenges during the event and playing the limited-time PvE mode for a chance to earn rewards and cosmetics. While usually, a new event such as this one would bring excitement to the community, unfortunately, the price of the skins in the store are leaving players outraged.

So much so that the community have decided to compare the prices to Fortnite‘s Halloween cosmetics, and even the price of Blizzard Entertainment’s first installment of the franchise, OW1.

Overwatch 2 players compare Halloween skin prices to Fortnite & Overwatch 1

Reddit user TopGeezer50 put a post up on the Overwatch subreddit comparing the Overwatch 2 Halloween Junker Queen skin price to the Fortnite Zombies Halloween Superhero skin.

In the post’s image, the price and customization difference is shown. While the Overwatch 2 skin isn’t that much more expensive, it’s the customization and extra bits that come with Fortnite’s cheaper Halloween skin that the OP feels is important.

The Overwatch skin “can only be used on one character” in a game with over 30 Heroes to choose from, while the Fortnite skin comes with “700+ customisation options” and a “built in emote.”

Further, they aren’t the only ones shocked at the Overwatch 2 Halloween skin prices, with some even pointing out that some of them are from Overwatch 1, and cost more now than they did when they were first released.

Twitter user b0gur pointed this out in their post which says “44 dollars for 4 old skins,” clearly disappointed at the fact that not only are the skins expensive, but they’re also “old.”

The price of $44 is actually more expensive than the price of the original Overwatch before it was shut down ahead of Overwatch 2’s free-to-play launch.

The steep price of these Halloween bundles are confusing players, leaving Overwatch content creator Niandra_ baffled that they cannot purchase just the skin rather than the full $26 Witch Kiriko bundle.

The content creator even says that they “would have much less of an issue with OW2’s monetization if all skins could be bought seperately for just 1900 coins, which only some are.”

Despite the outrage, it doesn’t seem likely that much will change, as players have been highlighting the steep price of OW2’s cosmetics and the removal of lootboxes since launch.

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Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

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