Overwatch 2 devs respond to frustrating locked heroes issue

Liam Mackay
Tracer in Overwatch 2

Long-time Overwatch players will have a ton of heroes unlocked in Overwatch 2, but a frustrating bug has locked these heroes, preventing players from using them. Aware of the issue, Blizzard have responded.

Despite Overwatch players being impressed with the updates made to the sequel, there’s no denying that Overwatch 2 got off to a rocky start. DDoS attacks, huge server queues, and pre-paid phone issues marred the experience for many.

With many of these issues being fixed, a couple of new problems have cropped up. One of the most frustrating for players is that they’re seeing a huge number of their unlocked heroes locked again, with no way to use them.

Those who have been playing Overwatch since launch should have all their heroes unlocked in Overwatch 2, but they’re now finding they’ve been locked again. In some cases, players have found that every single hero has been locked.

Now, they’re being asked to unlock their characters through any of the following methods: “Special Challenge, Battle Pass, or in-game Shop.”

Players have been furious that they can’t use their favorite heroes, but Blizzard released a Status Update on October 10 to keep players “updated on a list of known issues affecting the game.”

In this Status Update, Blizzard confirmed that they’re “aware of a new issue that prevents players from accessing all their owned heroes.”

“This is caused by an issue with our servers that tracks player progression,” they explained. “We are working to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.”

There’s no time frame for when the frustrating issue will be fixed, but with the problem being so widespread and acknowledged by Blizzard it hopefully won’t be too long.

This update has also temporarily removed Bastion from all modes and Torbjörn from competitive while the devs address game-breaking issues with the heroes. So, if they fix the locked heroes issue but you still can’t use these two, that’s the reason why.

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Image Credit: Blizzard

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