Overwatch 2 fans furious about Anniversary event rewards: “Blizzard doesn’t care about this game”

Reaper 'Cursed Captain' Character Skin in Overwatch 2Blizzard

The Overwatch 2 Anniversary 2023 event has been rewarding players with a skin that has been already seen in Season 1, leaving the community furious.

Even if Blizzard prepared a variety of fan-favorite game modes to celebrate the first anniversary of Overwatch 2, players have been majorly disappointed by the lack of new cosmetics in store.

Many fans pointed out that the decision to revamp classic Overwatch rewards for the anniversary event seemed lackluster and almost felt like “Blizzard have given up on Overwatch 2.”

Overwatch 2 Anniversary 2023 cosmetic controversy

Overwatch 2 Anniversary 2023 has also been giving the Cursed Captain Reaper skin as the only cosmetic reward that can be won by completing three event challenges. Players slammed this decision since this cosmetic had been given for free in Overwatch 2 Season 1.

“We’re finally at a point where Overwatch is getting 0 new skins for their anniversary, something completely unprecedented, and yet people like you are still somehow okay with it,” said Reddit user Kyyndle, “If you all couldn’t tell yet, Blizzard doesn’t care about this game anymore.”

Most players seemed to agree with this perspective and also expressed their disappointment about the lack of reward content: “Wow Blizzard, can’t even make a new skin for your own game’s anniversary event,” said Reddit user Foreseenlime.

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However, fans also pointed out that even if the reward skin of Overwatch 2 Anniversary 2023 was the same given for free in Season 1, this was an opportunity for those who just started playing Blizzard’s iconic FPS.

“To be fair, players that just downloaded/joined the game probably won’t have this skin yet, or maybe someone missed it. I’m sure someone out there will be happy to get the skin!,” explained Reddit user Thedongtoendalldongs.

Blizzard haven’t made any official statements about Overwatch 2 Anniversary skin rewards, but we’ll keep you updated for more comments about the latest event. For more on Overwatch 2 news, you can check out what’s planned for Overwatch 2 Anniversary 2023 and when Overwatch 2 Season 7 will be released.

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