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Overwatch 2 chat bug forces players to accidentally buy skins

Overwatch 2 players are furious as a bug with the chat feature sees accidental purchases of unwanted skins, with no refund.



overwatch 2 dva edm skin

An Overwatch 2 bug is causing unexpected purchases as players attempt to use the game’s chat feature.

The sequel to Blizzard’s hero shooter has finally arrived but unlike its predecessor, Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play, live-service game with seasonal content through Battle Passes and an in-game store.

Overwatch 2 Season 1 has kicked off by introducing players to Kiriko, a new Support hero with a lot of potential. This season’s Battle Pass offers a lot of cosmetic items including skins and the in-game store also offers much of the same.

Players can purchase cosmetics with their hard-earned money or grind through challenges to obtain enough currency to buy what they want. However, as well as players not being happy with their cost, some are experiencing unexpected purchases without a refund.

The chat feature in Overwatch 2 is supposed to be a good way for players to communicate with each other, especially if they don’t have a microphone or do not wish to engage in voice chat.

Reddit user Dracyoshi has highlighted a bug with Overwatch 2’s chat, which is reportedly causing players to make unwanted purchases in-game.

Unfortunately, this helpful feature has become pretty unhelpful for players, as it seems there is a “bug where text typed into the chat is occasionally misinterpreted by the game an input for navigating the menu.”

Despite the purchase being caused by a fault in the game’s chat feature, the OP claims that Blizzard “won’t issue refunds for it.”

They aren’t the only one who has experienced this either, as a comment under the post reads “Yep my friend was a victim of this bug. Accidentally purchased Kirikos legendary for 1900 credits while trying to chat.”

As seen with Overwatch 2’s launch, the game is very much new, and just like the server issues and SMS Protection outrage, there is likely to be bugs that the devs are unaware of. Hopefully, this brings awareness to the chat bug, and Blizzard can issue a fix to prevent more players from making unexpected purchases.

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment