Overwatch 2’s Tracer has a major damage bug — but the devs aren’t going to fix it

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tracer posing in overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 players have pointed out that Tracer currently has a damage range bug that is making her “awful to play against,” but the devs are instead focused on fixing a completely different Tracer issue.

The game’s newest patch is live and the delayed November 17 update has made some significant changes to Overwatch 2, including bringing back Mei after issues with her Ice Wall ability.

Now that issues with Mei seem to be behind the devs, a new problem has arisen as fans of Overwatch 2 have noticed that another Hero could be in need of an update – and the devs have agreed.

However, the issue that the devs have identified is not the main complaint being directed at Tracer, and have said that they “are not planning to disable Tracer.”

In a post on the Overwatch 2 subreddit, user PikeorShield brought an issue to the fore that shows Tracer’s primary weapons perform very differently at under 20 meters, as well as over 20 meters.

Practicing in the game’s firing range, the player showed that Tracer’s Pulse Pistols maintain the same damage output at every distance up to 20 meters, with no drop-off. But when she crosses the 20m mark, the damage drop-off is huge and it can take several clips to take down an opponent.

“Huge bug! Tracer has no fall off under 20 meters. She’s probably going to get disabled, but until then she’s awful to play against,” the OP said, and it drew a response from Overwatch 2’s Game Director Aaron Keller.

So the devs are looking at Tracer’s huge damage drop-off issue over 20m, but seem to be overlooking the key issue in that the Hero can effectively beam any character from within 20m, with no penalty.

One user said: “I was getting my a*s kicked by a tracer [in] every game tonight. And this is why. What the hell is going on at Blizzard??” whereas someone else commented: “I watched the first kill and was like “what seems to be the problem?” then the second kill happened…”

Clearly, there is some division between players and the actual intended message being communicated here. It’ll be interesting to see how Tracer performs once the devs have conducted some tests on the character.

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Image Credit: Blizzard

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