Treyarch Hints at Hardcore Merc. Playlist Coming to Black Ops 4

Tommi Turunen

According to a Reddit reply on Jan. 8th from Treyarch, Black Ops 4 could see a Hardcore Mercenary Playlist coming in a new patch.

Updated Jan 8th: Treyarch has added Mercenary Hardcore Moshpit to Black Ops 4 as of Jan. 8th as part of the weekly playlist update. No downloaded patch was released by Treyarch.

The reply to a user’s request to add a Hardcore variant of the Mercenary Playlists hints at the feature’s soon to be coming release.

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Mercenary Playlists disallow all parties and can only be played when playing alone. The playlists allow solo Call of Duty players to play without the fear of running into parties playing together.

Though the reply does not hint at any other features as of yet, several big changes and additions promised by Treyarch could be coming in the next few patches.

On Jan. 4th, David Vonderhaar tweeted an image of a new stash system for Blackout. The UI change would help with the looting system’s current clunky nature and streamline the looting process. Vonderhaar did not give an ETA for release at the time.

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Additionally, the highly anticipated release of League Play still looms on the horizon. The game mode would bring an in-game competitive playlist with a rule-set and ranking system. The feature was originally scheduled for release in December, but was delayed until “Early 2019” by Treyarch.

We will keep you updated on all these features as more information comes out. Follow @CharlieIntel on Twitter to get the latest Call of Duty news, tips, and info as it is posted.

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