How to get & use Wooden Parts in Manor Lords

Souhardya Choudhury
Farm in Manor Lords

Want to know how to get your hands on some Wooden Parts in Manor Lords? Here’s how you can get and use them easily in Manor Lords.

Wooden Parts are Construction Materials in Manor Lords that can be quite beneficial if used correctly. With the game being in early access, it might get a bit tricky to find a way of getting these materials regularly.

On that note, here’s how to get and use Wooden Parts in Manor Lords.

How to find Wooden Parts in Manor Lords

You can create Wooden Parts by processing Planks in a Joiner’s Workshop. Simply upgrade your Burgage Plot and add a backyard extension known as Joiner’s Workshop, and use it to make these Wooden Parts from Planks.

In the current build of Manor Lords, there is no further use of a Joiner’s Workshop except for creating Wooden Parts and Shields. However, once the full version of the title is released, we can expect many more craftable items to drop in the game.

Wooden Parts uses in Manor Lords

In the early access of Manor Lords, the only use of Wooden Parts is to trade them via the Trading Post for Regional Wealth. You can get 5 Regional Wealth for each Wooden Part that you trade.

However, keep in mind that Planks and Timber are quite valuable resources in Manor Lords, and Wooden Parts can play a massive part in major upgrades once the full game releases. So it is recommended to not use them for profit just yet and to save up on Planks for your crafting needs.

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