Call of Duty: ELITE DLC (Downloads) Release Plans



With Modern Warfare 3’s release less than a month away, we have gotten some clarification on how the DLC rollout will work. This is somewhat speculation and just info that we have gathered from various sources (including this week’s GTtv episode) and is subject to change..

DLC will start being released as they are made; first DLC should hit in Jan 2012. The DLC will be released to Xbox ELITE Premium Members first. After, PS3 ELITE premium members will get the maps. Once an amount of content is released, it will be put together into one DLC pack, and released to the Xbox non-ELITE premium members. And then finally the PS3 non-elite members will get the map pack.

Infinity Ward’s executive producer, Mark Rubin, also hinted at possible singleplayer (campaign) missions downloads and even “weekly maps” for ELITE’s service when interviewed on Gametrailers TV this week.


Order of Releases:

1) First releases on Xbox 360 ELITE Premium Members (weekly)

2) Second releases on PS3 ELITE Premium Members (weekly)

3) Third releases on Xbox 360 non-ELITE (as Map Packs)

4) And finally the PS3 non-ELITE get it last. (as Map Packs)


ELITE premium members:

DLC will be released WEEKLY (maps, or other unknown DLC, guns?)

Non-ELITE (Free) Members:

All the DLC released to date will be put in one Map Pack, similar to the way it was before.

*ELITE for PC is TBD.


Also, we received several tips that ELITE is ready for digital purchase online already via the new Xbox Live “Beta” dashboard and PSN.


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-SOURCE: Gametrailers

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