Call of Duty dominates US retails in 2012

Keshav Bhat

NPD has published their latest numbers on the US retail market for the video games industry for 2012. Their newest reports shows that over all, videos games have been going on a downward motion in the retail position.

In December of 2012 and the entire 2012, Call of Duty: Black Ops II won over the entire retail market, being the most sold game in the US retail. And for Activision’s benefit, Modern Warfare 3 appeared on the list as the 8th best selling title of 2012, not bad considering the game came out in 2011.

And just to mention, Activision’s Skylander series – popular amongst kids – also appeared on December 2012’s top 10 list.

With the new data, it seems like 2012 was an excellent year for everyone at Activision.