Black Ops Cold War player uses Rock Band guitar to kill enemies

Andrew Highton

While the debate between controller or keyboard & mouse rages on, one Black Ops Cold War player has decided to forge his own path, finding a kill using a Rock Band guitar controller.

Death, taxes, and someone using an outlandish gaming peripheral to achieve an unlikely feat is about standard for gaming in 2020. It wasn’t too long ago that someone was beating Dark Souls using only a dance mat of all things.

But in the heat of quick-fire, online multiplayer conflict, one gamer has managed to channel their skill in Treyarch‘s Black Ops Cold War and kill a player using a Rock Band instrument.

rock band 3 gameplay

How is that even possible?

Thanks to the adaptability of a PC, almost anything can be hooked up to one and converted into a controller. Meaning you can pretty much take anything that’s been a gaming controller in the past and configure it so that it functions as a viable controller for the game you’re playing.

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So when Reddit user TheSteviePee hooked up an old Rock Band guitar to his PC, his main thought was obviously to humiliate someone online using the device.

Playing what appears to be Team Deathmatch on Miami, TheSteviePee was situated at the top of the piano building that overlooks the main street. Using a Hauer 77 with attachments, he eagerly awaited his moment of glory.

The unlucky recipient tried to sneak upstairs, but after a brief skirmish, TheSteviePee eventually dropped him with one well-placed headshot from the Hauer 77.

Now, this video is sure to rile some members of the Call of Duty community up as it’s a prime example of why people get frustrated with the game. Too often the complaint with online multiplayer is the purported imbalance of teams. There’s no evidence, but you can imagine unless TheSteviePee quit the game immediately, that he would suffer many deaths and impede his team.

But sometimes, gaming is supposed to be fun. We can imagine it’s probably a great effort to try and do this and it has made for a light-hearted moment that MrSteviePee clearly enjoyed.

Image credits: Treyarch

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