How to teleport in Minecraft

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Minecraft character teleporting from jungle to desertMojang

Being a sandbox game, Minecraft offers tons of exploration for you to engage in, which can be really fun. However, since the game seems to stretch on endlessly, exploration can get boring or tiresome after a while. So, here’s how you can teleport to different places and dimensions in Minecraft.

Minecraft is known to have one of the biggest map sizes in gaming, with only a handful of games like No Man’s Sky, Star Citizen, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Elite Dangerous coming close or surpassing it in this regard. This is primarily due to its sandbox nature.

However, due to its map size, the game is able to keep most of its content random and procedurally generated, which can often make exploration fun and unpredictable and allow players to gain access to tons of different biomes like forest, desert, jungle, swampland, ocean, and mushrooms.

However, long expeditions based on exploration may often demotivate you to set out in search of discovering new things, as traveling back to your base after exploring for several in-game days can be quite monotonous. While transportation methods like horses exist, they aren’t as fast as the Elytra, which is, unfortunately, an end-game item.

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Minecraft’s commands, however, allow you to activate a teleport feature, so here’s how to teleport in Minecraft.

A player trying to teleport in Minecraft.Mojang
The teleportation command is quite simple.

How to activate cheats in Minecraft

You can activate cheats in Minecraft by launching a LAN World. This is important to learn because Teleport is also a cheat command.

Follow these steps to activate cheats in a new world:

  1. Launch Minecraft and select SinglePlayer.
  2. Click on Create New World and a page with various settings should appear.
  3. Find the Allow Cheats setting and turn it ON.
  4. Click on Create New World again.

Follow these steps to activate cheats in an existing Minecraft world:

  1. Press Esc while you’re playing in the desired world. This should open the menu.
  2. Choose the Open to LAN setting and turn the Allow Cheats option to ON.
  3. Click on Start LAN World.

Do note that you cannot get achievements in a world with cheats. Moreover, starting a LAN world means that players using the same internet connection as you can join your world.

Minecraft art with Alex and Steve swimming alongside some fishMojang
Teleportation is quite convenient in Minecraft.

How to teleport using commands in Minecraft

Here’s what you need to do to teleport using commands in Minecraft:

  1. Activate cheats in your world.
  2. Type in a forward slash followed by the teleportation command in the chat.
  3. Enter the coordinates of the place you want to teleport to.
  4. Hit Enter, and you’ll teleport to your desired location.

After activating the cheats, you can enter your world and press T on your keyboard or the controller button for the same control to open the chat menu.

To activate the teleport cheat, type /tp or /teleport. Now, you must enter the XYZ coordinates of the place you want to teleport to. Find them by clicking F3 in the Java edition and by selecting Show Coordinates from the Settings in the Bedrock edition.

With the XYZ coordinates, you can teleport by typing /tp X Y Z in the chat menu. For instance, to go to a place at coordinates 50, 50, 50, you have to type /tp 50 50 50 or /teleport 50 50 50.

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To find the coordinates of nearby prominent locations like villages, you can use another cheat command /locate. Type /locate and the game will automatically give you suggestions. Choose the landmark where you want to go, memorize its coordinates, and then use the /tp command in the aforementioned format.

Minecraft character running through the jungle with beesMojang
Players can instantly teleport anywhere in their Minecraft world.

Uses of teleport command in Minecraft

Teleport in directions in Minecraft

In case you’re unsure of the XYZ coordinates but know the direction in which you should be heading, use the ~ sign.

With a /tp ~50 ~50 ~50 command, you’ll be teleported 50 blocks east, 50 blocks in the air, and 50 blocks south. To do the same for the west, down, and north, add a (minus sign) before the numbers instead of ~.

Teleport other players in Minecraft

To teleport other players in the world, type /tp [username] X Y Z. X Y Z are the coordinates of the place where you want them to teleport to.

To teleport yourself near another player, type /tp [username].

Important teleport commands in Minecraft

These are some Minecraft teleport commands that can be beneficial during certain situations:

  • /tp @a @s– You can teleport every player in the world to you with this. Replace @s with X Y Z coordinates to teleport them elsewhere.
  • /tp @p @s– You can teleport to the nearest player with this command.
  • /tp ~ 55 ~ – If you do not want to change all coordinates, just replace them with a ~ sign. For instance, by typing the /tp ~ 43 ~ command, your X and Z coordinates won’t change and you’ll just reach the 55 sea level.

How to teleport to the Nether or The End in Minecraft

  1. Activate cheats in your world.
  2. Type in a forward slash followed by the execute command in the chat.
  3. Enter the name of the dimension you want to teleport to.
  4. Hit Enter, and you’ll teleport to your desired dimension.

Use the /execute in DimensionName run tp PlayerName X Y Z command to teleport to The Nether or The End in Minecraft. Here, DimensionName can be replaced with Overworld, The_Nether, or The_End. Only add a PlayerName if you’re using the command to teleport someone else and leave it blank if you’re teleporting yourself.

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Having said that, this command only works in Minecraft’s Java edition. The Bedrock edition requires you to build special portals to travel between dimensions.

The hellish Nether dimension.Mojang
Teleporting to the Nether is quite easy.

How to teleport in Minecraft without dying

To make sure that you’re teleporting to a place that won’t kill you in Minecraft, add the word ‘true’ at the end of the cheat command. This encourages the game to run a safety test before teleporting you.

The true command only works in the Overworld and not when you switch between dimensions in the Java edition.

This was everything you need to know about teleportation in Minecraft. The best way to travel in the game without cheats is undeniably horses. If you still don’t have a horse, check out our guides below:

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