How to make arrows in Minecraft

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A player shooting an arrow.Mojang

Arrows are the most common type of ammunition in Minecraft. However, many players might not know the recipe for these items. Here’s how you can easily craft arrows in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game where players are never safe. There’s always a hostile mob or animal trying to eliminate them or drive them out of their territory. Therefore, players need weapons, armor, ammunition, and other types of combat gear to defend themselves from their foes and the elements.

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Arrows are exceptionally common in Minecraft, which makes them quite an asset for players who like to maintain a distance between themselves and hostile mobs. When used with bows or crossbows, arrows allow the player to neutralize threats without directly engaging and risking their experience points, gear, and location on the map.

Here’s how you can make arrows in Minecraft.

A chest full of arrows.Mojang
Arrows are quite common in Minecraft.

How to craft arrows in Minecraft

You can craft an arrow in Minecraft by placing a piece of Flint, a stick, and a Feather in a vertical layout inside a crafting table. All three ingredients can be acquired easily. Alternatively, you can obtain arrows as drops from skeletons, strays, pillagers, or piglins.

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How to get sticks in Minecraft

You can get sticks in Minecraft by placing two wooden planks in a vertical formation within a crafting table. Two planks make four sticks while a wooden log makes four planks, so you shouldn’t run out of sticks in Minecraft.

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How to get Flint in Minecraft

You can get Flint by mining Gravel blocks in Minecraft. These grey-colored blocks are found near rivers, oceans, and ponds. The chance for a Gravel block to drop a piece of Flint increases with the level of the Fortune enchantment applied onto a shovel. Flint can also be obtained from Fletchers by trading blocks of Gravel and emeralds.

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A chest full of Flint.Mojang
Flint is an important resource in Minecraft.

How to get Feathers in Minecraft

Feathers are mostly obtained from Chickens in Minecraft, but are dropped by Parrots as well. Other sources include Foxes, who can spawn holding a Feather in their mouth, or chests in Villages and Shipwrecks. In addition, cats also have a small chance of giving players a Feather as a “morning gift”.

A chicken in Minecraft.Mojang
Chickens are primary sources for feathers in Minecraft.

How to make a Crafting Table in Minecraft

Minecraft’s Crafting tables are made using four wooden planks, which can be obtained from a single wooden log. Just knock down a tree so that you have some wood left over for later. Also, any type of wood can be used to make a crafting table.

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Steps to craft arrows in Minecraft

Follow the steps given below to craft some arrows in Minecraft:

  1. Make a Crafting Table and place it down.
  2. Take an equal number of sticks, Feathers, and Flint and place them on top of each other inside the Crafting Table.
  3. If the layout is correct, you’ll see some arrows in the slot on the right.
The recipe for arrows in Minecraft.Mojang
Arrows are quite important in Minecraft.

How to get arrows using trading or bartering in Minecraft

Aside from crafting or getting arrows as drops, you can also obtain them by trading or bartering with various mobs within the Minecraft world.

  • You can obtain arrows from a novice-level Fletcher villager by trading emeralds.
  • You can get arrows by bartering with piglins in the Nether Dimension. This will require you to give them gold ingots.

That’s everything you need to know in order to successfully make arrows and defend yourself in Minecraft. For more on the blocky sandbox title, check out our guides below:

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