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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

How to see FPS in Warzone 2 on PC: Can you show FPS on console?

Here’s our guide on how to check your Warzone 2 FPS while in-game on PC, so you know exactly how the game is performing.



warzone 2 operator in a helicopter

For those wondering how to check your Warzone 2 frames-per-second (FPS) on PC while in-game, here’s our simple guide.

Warzone 2 is an extremely competitive game that sees squads and even solos battling it out to be the last ones standing.

In order to get a competitive edge, players will use the meta loadouts and the most popular weapons to make sure they have the best chance in a gunfight, but what’s also important is optimizing your settings.

As well as audio settings, controller layout, keyboard binds, and FOV settings, your frames-per-second can also be vital when it comes to performance in Warzone 2.

Generally, more FPS means better performance, as you’ll see a smoother image on your screen. Some may be wondering how they can see their FPS counter in-game for Warzone 2, so here’s our guide on how to do so.

How to see your FPS in Warzone 2

In order to see your FPS counter in Warzone 2, whether, simply follow these steps:

  1. Boot up Warzone 2
  2. Head over to Settings and select the ‘Interface’ tab
  3. Then, find the ‘Telemetry’ section and select ‘Show More’
  4. In this section, turn the ‘FPD Counter’ setting on

With this setting enabled, you will now be able to see a live FPS counter while in-game on Warzone 2. If you are noticing that your FPS is struggling to hit the numbers you desire, consider checking out our best graphic settings to maximize your FPS.

warzone 2 operator using sniper rifle

How to show Warzone 2 FPS through Steam

Warzone 2 players on PC also have the option to show their FPS using Steam. Check out these steps if you’d like to do it through Steam instead.

  1. Open Steam
  2. Select ‘Steam’ on the top-right and go to the ‘Settings’
  3. Find the ‘In-game’ tab and enable the ‘in-game FPS counter’ setting

This way, you can also choose where you’d like the FPS counter to be located so that it doesn’t obstruct anything on the screen while you’re playing Warzone 2.

Can you see your Warzone 2 FPS on console?

Unfortunately, for those on console, there is currently no way to see your FPS while in-game on Warzone 2. However, Warzone 2 aims at 60 FPS performance on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while the next-gen versions of the game can perform 120 FPS if the player has the capabilities and settings selected.

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Image Credits: Activision