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Apex Legends

How to fix input delay on Apex Legends

Are you sick of your character not following your commands? Then use our guide on how to fix input delay on Apex Legends.



There’s been a whole heap of discussion about Apex Legends’ input delay and it causing trouble in-game. Well we have a great fix for you that should alleviate those issues.

For a game that is as frantic as Apex Legends is, the last thing you need is your gun not cooperating and performing the corresponding actions you’re trying to perform.

So to try and prevent further deaths and woes caused by troublesome input delay, use this guide to make your gameplay smoother and your victories more rewarding on the Steam version.

revenant in apex legends

Fixing input delay

A widespread issue that can affect any game, input delay makes your game unresponsive and instills a feeling of disillusionment as you feel powerless to do what you want. it can restrict a user’s enjoyment and deter someone from playing as your efforts feel futile.

So let’s kick those negative feelings out and make Rampart, Gibraltar, Caustic, or whomever you like to use, feel like a free-flowing boss.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to get rid of any input lag.

  1. Boot up Steam
  2. Go onto the Apex Legends page
  3. Click the Manage button that looks like a traditional Settings symbol
  4. Then click on Properties from the sub-menu
  5. Now go to Set Launch Options
  6. Then type in the following: +fps_max
  7. The next part to type in is determined by what Hz your monitor is set to
  8. For example: +fps_max 240
  9. Now click Ok

Your input lag issues should now be a thing of the past and you can enjoy buttery smooth aiming for Apex Legends without input delay.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment