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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Best ways to take down Mimics & Manglers in Black Ops Cold War’s Firebase Z

Firebase Z will pit you against new enemies, Mimics and Manglers, so here’s how to easily take them down in Cold War Zombies.



bocw zombies firebase z mangler

Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ newest map, Firebase Z, brings new enemies to face – Mimics and Manglers. Here’s the best way to take them down.

Set in the jungles of Vietnam, Firebase Z is the newest map added to Black Ops Cold War Zombies. With it comes the new Wonder Weapon the RAI K-84 and a host of new enemies to slay.

The Mangler has returned from Black Ops 3, and an all new enemy, the Mimic has come to the game.

To take down Mimics and Manglers, you’ll need the best weapons, Scorestreaks, and Ammo Mods. Read on for everything you need to take down Firebase Z’s elite enemies.

How to take down Mimics in Firebase Z

Mimics are brand new to Firebase Z and can be extremely troublesome foes. As their name suggests, they disguise themselves as various objects around the firebase.

They don’t take many shots to kill but deal an incredible amount of damage if they grab hold of you. If you don’t have any armor equipped and are grabbed by a Mimic, you’ll be left with barely any health.

bocw firebase z mimic

There isn’t a lot to taking down a Mimic, other than keeping your distance and aiming for the head.

However, the Brain Rot Ammo Mod will make a huge difference in fighting these Lovecraftian monstrosities.

Equipping the Brain Rot mod, which is essentially poison, will deal extra damage to the Mimic, so you can take them down extremely fast. Simply take your weapon to the Pack-a-Punch machine, and you can purchase the mod for your weapon.

How to take down Mangers in Firebase Z

Manglers don’t deal the same amount of damage as a Mimic but can tank much more shots and are an all-round nuisance. They’re slow but have a projectile attack that can be incredibly annoying when trying to take out hundreds of zombies chasing after you. If you make the mistake of running into them, their melee hit will be devastating.

bocw firebase z mangler

The key to taking them out is cracking their thick metal armor. Once that’s gone, they’ll go down quickly.

No matter your weapon, having the Napalm Burst Ammo Mod installed will vastly increase its firepower against Manglers. You can purchase the mod from the Pack-a-Punch machine and we recommend using it on a shotgun.

Get up close with a Pack-a-Punched Gallo SA12 and you’ll rip their armor off in only a few shots. For even more firepower, equip the Calvary Lancer barrel on your Gallo and you’ll deal extra armor damage, making it even more effective when taking down the Mangler.

bocw gallo sa12

Another cheeky method you can use against Manglers is shooting their arm-cannon while they charge it up. Hitting the cannon enough times will cause it to explode, instantly killing it.

Also, purchasing the War Machine Scorestreak will break a Manglers’ armor and kill them in one shot. Try and get reasonably close for maximum accuracy, and you’ll be destroying the armored brutes extremely fast.

Utilize these weapons, ammo mods and strategies against Mimics and Manglers in Firebase Z, and you’ll have no trouble surviving the hoards of the undead.

Image Credit: Activision