Should you turn in Sebastian in Hogwarts Legacy?

Sebastian in Hogwarts LegacyAvalanche Software

Hogwarts Legacy has several instances where players need to make a choice to proceed. One such instance is when they need to turn Sebastian Sallow in or save him. The decision can be a difficult one if you’re unaware of the consequences, so here’s how each choice affects your progress.

Hogwarts Legacy‘s huge open world takes players on several different paths, where they interact with friends, foes, and magical creatures. Many of these interactions end up with you having to make a choice in order to continue with the story. In many cases, it is also indicative of the kind of Witch or Wizard you’re going to be after you’re sorted into your house and selected a wand. But keep in mind, those who want to lean towards the dark side can do so freely due to the lack of a morality system in the game.

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During the main story, players are faced with a choice: whether or not to turn in Sebastian Sallow during In the Shadow of Fate quest.

Here’s what you need to know about the consequences of your choice.

What happens if you turn in Sebastian in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you choose to turn Sebastian in for his crimes, he will be expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and you will not be able to see him again, but this will not happen if you decide not to report him.

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If you haven’t learned how to cast Avada Kedavra and you turn Sabastian in then you will not be able to learn this Unforgivable Curse at any later point in your playthrough of the game.

Sebastian Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy.Avalanche Software
Sebastian Sallow is an important main character in Hogwarts Legacy.

Should you turn in Sebastian Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy?

You should not turn in Sebastian Sallow if you want to become a Dark Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy. Crucio, Imperio, and Avada Kedavra can be learned by selecting the right dialogue choices during Sallow’s quest line.

However, if you don’t care about learning these Unforgivable Curses then you can turn him in. Doing so will result in Sebastian Sallow being sent off to Azkaban and he won’t appear in the ending.

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Ultimately, it comes down to your own personal preference. Now that you know the exact consequences of both choices, it will be much easier to decide what you want to do in this Quest.

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