Halo Infinite leak reveals potential Buzz Lightyear crossover

Luca Di Marzo
Halo Infinite x Buzz lightyear

Halo Infinite players have started to connect the dots after some leaked images hinting at a potential Buzz Lightyear crossover have come to light.

Video game crossovers have gained traction recently and Halo Infinite may be teasing the first major crossover to hit the game. With a ton of buzz generated by the upcoming Call of Duty x Attack on Titan crossover, Halo Infinite seems to be planning a crossover to rival the FPS franchise.

Thematically a Buzz Lightyear x Halo Infinite crossover isn’t the most farfetched idea and with the standalone Lightyear movie set to hit theatres June 2022, it could be the next Hollywood franchise to make its way into a video game.

Halo Infinite crossover

Images of several new Warthog skins have surfaced on the Halo subreddit and an eagle-eyed community member had an interesting point to make concerning one of the new skins players could be set to acquire in Halo Infinite.

In total, the images showcase 23 Warthog skins lined up one after another. One Warthog skin, in particular, boasts a color scheme that is eerily similar to Toy Story’s iconic Space Ranger.

The rumored Buzz Lightyear colors can be seen on the first Warthog from the left. Thanks to the white, purple, green, and red accents, Reddit user modestmoose3000 was quick to point out the familiar color scheme, “Is that a Buzz Lightyear one?”.

Buzz Lightyear Warthog

A Halo Infinite x Buzz Lightyear crossover would surely get Toy Story fans excited at the prospect of additional cosmetics that share the same color scheme. Given the fact that these are simply leaks, they must be treated as rumors for the time being.

It’s possible that Halo is just paying tribute to the Space Ranger prior to the theatrical release coming up next Summer.

For now, it’s best to be cautious with leaks and not take this possible crossover too seriously until additional information comes to light.

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Image Credit: 343 Industries / Disney