Hypercharge: Unboxed dev reveals plans for PlayStation release & potential sequel

Nathan Warby
Hypercharge: Unboxed characters with assault rifle

Hypercharge: Unboxed has finally arrived on Xbox, and one of the six devs behind the colorful shooter has revealed their plans for the series going forward, including a PlayStation release as well as a possible sequel or prequel.

After launching on PC back in 2017, admirers of the viral action figure shooter, Hypercharge: Unboxed, have been desperate for the game to arrive on console. Now, it’s finally launched on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, selling over 25,000 copies in just a few days.

But, according to Joe Henson, founder and Head of PR and Marketing at Digital Cybercherries, the six-person team isn’t stopping there, as they still have plenty of ideas and goals to reach.

In an interview with CharlieIntel, he explained that the next immediate objective following the Xbox launch is a PlayStation port “by the end of this year” or “early next year.” He added that since they’ve had the devkit for some time and they are now “feature complete,” the transition over to PS4 and PS5 should be a smooth one and won’t take as long as the jump from PC to Xbox.

Once the game drops on Sony platforms, the team also plans to update the Switch version so it’s on par with the other consoles, in an effort to “unify the player base” with full crossplay support.

Toy Rex in Hypercharge Unboxed
Hypercharge: Unboxed lets you see the world from a toy’s perspective.

While this will likely keep the devs busy for the foreseeable future, Henson went on to reveal that they also want to update Hypercharge: Unboxed with new modes and requested features. One of the ideas currently being kicked around is an “endless” mode, where players will fight off infinite waves of toys that become progressively harder over time.

But, beyond that, Henson also mentioned that a brand-new entry in the Hypercharge series could arrive at a later date.

“Who knows? Maybe we’ll just release the game mode and say, ‘You know what? We’ve already been working on this game for so long, maybe we’ll start working on the sequel or prequel,'” said the dev, before going on to add that technical limitations could force them to start thinking about a new game.

“Hypercharge is a right diamond technically, in terms of how we can push it with new mechanics and features,” he continued. “There’s only so much we can do, there’s lots of features we’d love to add but we can’t. Doing a sequel or prequel would mean that we can add all these really cool ideas.”

It’s still too early to know exactly what a new Hypercharge would look like, but it sounds like the coming months and years will be exciting for fans of the series. While we wait for more details, check out the best weapons and controller settings in Hypercharge: Unboxed.