How Killstreaks affect Scorestreaks in Black Ops Cold War

Liam Mackay

Black Ops Cold War introduced a new Scorestreak system where points are not reset on death, and Killstreaks increase the score earned.

In the new Scorestreak system, points earned are not reset on death. This means that as long as you earn a certain amount of points over the course of a match, you can earn Scorestreaks.

To keep the new system rewarding, Treyarch have integrated the Killstreak system into it.

On top of the standard score per kill (e.g 50 in Domination and 100 in Free for All), an additional score is now earned for Killstreaks, which multiplies with each consecutive elimination. Every five kills in a row will also net you bonus points.

As this is a brand new system, it can be confusing. The score earned for playing the objective pales in comparison to points earned for Killstreaks. There is currently no such multiplier for playing the objective.

As Treyarch hasn’t explained the score multiplier in-depth, we’ve detailed exactly how much score you are earning for your streaks.

1-10 Killstreak

The more kills you have in the 1-10 Killstreak range, the more points you earn. Going on a 5 kill streak gives you an additional 500 points, and if you make it to 10, you get a whopping 2000 points.

The majority of Scorestreaks are included through getting up to 10 kills in a row. Getting 10 kills in a single life will net you everything up to the Attack Helicopter.

  • 2 kills +50
  • 3 kills +50
  • 4 kills +50
  • 5 kills +500
  • 6 kills +300
  • 7 kills +350
  • 8 kills +400
  • 9 kills +450
  • 10 kills +2000

11-20 Killstreak

Once you hit a 10 Killstreak, the subsequent points earned are huge compared to the lower streaks. For most of the kills in this range, you will earn 500 additional points per kill. For 15 and 20 kills, you will earn 2000 points.

In this range of streak, you’ll be able to unlock the high-end Scorestreaks such as the Chopper Gunner, VTOL Jet, and Gunship.

  • 11-14 kills +500
  • 15 kills +2000
  • 16-19 kills +500
  • 20 kills +2000

21-30 Killstreak

Killstreaks over 20 kills earn you an incredible amount of points. Once you get over 20 kills in a single life – aside from re-earning your Scorestreaks – it’s time to go for the Nuclear Medal. Once you earn 30 kills with weapons and equipment, you will unlock the ultimate bragging right.

  • 21-24 kills +500
  • 25 kills + 2500
  • 26-29 kills +500
  • 30 kills (Nuclear) +3000

Every kill after the Nuclear gives an additional 500 points per kill.

Now that you know how much score it is for each streak, pick the streaks you’re most likely to earn. But don’t be afraid to try out for higher Scorestreaks; you never know when the next great game will come along.

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