Rockstar insider speculates that GTA 6 announcement could arrive in community update

Hamza Khalid
Franklin and Lamar in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto fans are eagerly awaiting a GTA 6 reveal, and one Rockstar Games insider has speculated that it could arrive soon in a community update.

The Grand Theft Auto community has been keeping an eye out for news about GTA 6 ever since its development was confirmed, and Take-Two stated that the game will set creative benchmarks.

While players got a glimpse at the game through an unfortunate gameplay leak, official information has been scarce. However, an official GTA 6 announcement could soon be on its way.

Rockstar Games insider ‘Tez2’ was discussing Grand Theft Auto Online’s next update in the GTAForums and made an “educated guess” that the devs may provide more information about GTA 6 soon.

After going over the GTA Online update, new GTA Plus event, and new Heist Challenge, they stated: “I know this isn’t related to GTA 6, but I like to speculate, that Rockstar could announce the info in a sort of ‘community update.’”

Back in August, Tez2 claimed that Rockstar could hide a hint about GTA 6 in a tweet. While some speculated that the hint could be inside the GTA Online game files, the Rockstar insider felt that the developers are “cautious enough not to do that.”

There is an extremely high level of anticipation for GTA 6, and the lack of official announcements has made the community more curious about it. So far, leaks have given players hints about the main character and map size.

However, it’s worth noting that Tez2 is just speculating and even reminds players that his theory isn’t a fact. So, we may not get an official announcement for a while, but we’ll be sure to update you once we do.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games