How to start GTA Online The Last Dose missions: Full mission list & rewards

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The GTA Online Los Santos Drug War update features five new Last Dose missions for players to tackle, and here’s how you can get them started as well as all of the available rewards.

The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC brought a ton of new content for GTA Online players to check out, including Taxi Work which grants you an extra way to earn money, and the Gun Van from where you can purchase weapons.

Now, five new The Last Dose missions have been added to the online title, and these will continue the story from where it left off in the first six missions of this DLC. We’ll go over how to get these missions started.

How to start The Last Dose missions in GTA Online

In order to start GTA Online’s new The Last Dose missions, you need to have completed all of The First Dose missions first, and you must also make sure that you’ve installed the latest update.

Here’s how to play The Last Dose missions:

  1. Complete all five The First Dose missions in GTA Online.
  2. Get a car.
  3. Drive around Los Santos.
  4. Accept the call from Dax when it comes.
  5. Go meet Dax to start The Last Dose missions.
Players can meet Dax to start the Last Dose missions in GTA Online.

All The Last Dose missions in GTA Online

You’ll find five different The Last Dose missions to complete in GTA Online, and according to Rockstar, these “reveal the mysterious connection between Los Santos’ illicit drug trade and the pharmaceutical industry, as Dr. Isiah Friedlander returns to the fray to wreak havoc.”

Here are all The Last Dose missions in GTA Online:

  1. This is an Intervention
  2. Unusual Suspects
  3. FriedMind
  4. Checking In
  5. BDKD

GTA Online The Last Dose mission rewards

Completing the GTA Online Last Dose missions will grant you a variety of different rewards, including Dr Friedlander’s Ocelot Virtue as well as a few clothing items.

Here are all the GTA Online The Last Dose mission rewards:

  • Floral Guffy Pool Sliders: Complete the first The Last Dose mission.
  • Lime Leopard Slab cap & Canvas Shoes: Complete all The Last Dose missions.
  • Ocelot Virtue: Complete all The Last Dose missions.
  • Black Enema Flourish Ski mask: Restock Acid Lab supplies.
  • Teal Enema Flourish Ski mask: Steal from a Stash House.

That covers everything that you need to know about The Last Dose missions in GTA Online.

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