How to open Interaction Menu in GTA 5

Joaquín Frere
GTA online key art

Those looking to interact with other players in GTA Online will need to learn how to use the Interaction Menu, so here’s all you need to know about it.

GTA Online is all about player interactions, and hitting the many activities the online section of Grand Theft Auto 5 has in stock. From races, and heists, to assembling crews, there’s a lot to tackle in the online streets of Los Santos.

So, here’s all about the Interaction Menu in GTA 5, including how to open it at any time while playing GTA Online.

GTA Online: How to open Player Interaction Menu

To open the Interaction Menu in GTA 5, players will need to hold the following inputs depending on which platform they are playing on:

  • PC: M key
  • PS4 / PS5: Touchpad
  • Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S: View button
GTA Online interaction menu.
The Interaction Menu in GTA Online lets you quickly access many features.

By opening the Interaction Menu, players can get easy access to many of the GTA Online activities and features, like:

  • Setting quick waypoints for the game’s GPS Navigation.
  • Access their inventory and change accessories, like Glasses, hats, etc.
  • Consume snacks, change body armor, or use fireworks.
  • Change the player’s “mood.”
  • Check all the Daily Objectives for GTA Online.
  • Organize impromptu races with other players.
  • Change their walking style, and highlight players.
  • Gain access to the player’s vehicle, or empty its personal choice.
  • Organize one-on-one deathmatches with other players.

All in all, that’s all you can do with the Interaction Menu in GTA 5, including all the features you can access with it in GTA Online. For more content on the game, check out these links:

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