How to play GTA V Zombie Apocalypse mod

Luca Di Marzo
GTA V Zombie Apocalypse

The GTA V Zombie Apocalypse mode drastically changes the gameplay by introducing survivors, tasks, food and sleep management, and camp building, and here’s how you can play it.

From The Last of Us to Resident Evil to Dead Island, plenty of zombie apocalypse games have gained prominence over the years. You can replicate the experience these titles offer in GTA V as well through zombie-based mods but choosing the most suitable one amidst hundreds of lucrative options can be challenging.

With over 1.6 million downloads and thousands of likes, the Zombie Apocalypse mod by sollaholla is one of the most trusted mods in the GTA community, and here’s how you can play it in GTA V.

How to play GTA Zombies Apocalypse

GTA V player battling zombies in the Apocalypse mod.
The scarcity of resources makes the GTA V Zombies Apocalypse quite challenging.

To download this mod, you must visit Once you find the mod in the scripts section, you must simply follow the instructions detailed on the webpage.

  1. Visit
  2. Head to the Scripts section.
  3. Sort by Most Liked.
  4. Look for the Simple Zombies mod by Sollaholla.
  5. Follow the installation instructions on the webpage.

If you’ve never downloaded and installed a GTA mod before the process is quite simple and you can even find a video detailing the steps in the instructions section.

What is GTA Zombie Apocalypse?

GTA V Zombie Apocalypse mod
Make sure that you have enough weapons and ammo to take down the zombies.

GTA Zombie Apocalypse is a mod for the PC version of GTA V. This mod essentially transforms the game into a zombie apocalypse by turning character models into hordes of the undead.

As Los Santos takes on the aesthetic of a zombie apocalypse, so will your player HUD. You’ll have a thirst, hunger, and stamina bar to keep track of, much like traditional zombie survival games. You’ll also be able to visit high-octane areas that are dangerous to enter, but if you come out unscathed you’ll be rewarded with valuable loot to continue your survival mission.

That’s everything you need to know to play the Zombie Apocalypse GTA V mod. Keep in mind that Zombies are attracted to noise so you may want to change up your playstyle if you plan on surviving for a long time.

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