GTA Online Summer Update 2024: New car, bonus GTA$, more

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The highly anticipated Summer Update for GTA Online is still far on the horizon. However, Rockstar shared a first look at everything that will arrive in the GTA Online Summer Update.

While all the attention is focused on the arrival of GTA 6 in 2025, Rockstar continue to add fresh content to GTA Online. However, players are eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated Summer Update in addition to the weekly updates and upcoming new vehicles.

We are still far from this update in GTA Online, but this is all we know so far.


GTA Online Summer Update: New The Vinewood Club features

Rockstar announced that the new GTA Online Summer Update will bring new features to The Vinewood Club. The exclusive club for GTA+ members will receive a new Vehicle Workshop, as well as a new in-game app to facilitate access to The Club’s special advantages.

GTA Online Summer Update: Monthly bonus GTA$

All GTA+ members will receive GTA$ 1,000,000 per month from April to August 2024. Additionally, this bonus cash will be delivered along with the monthly GTA$ 500,000 membership bonus, so GTA+ players can earn up to GTA$ 6 million in bonuses during this summer.

GTA Online Patch Notes
Earn a big haul of money by being a GTA+ active member.

GTA Online Summer Update: New free Super Car

Finally, but certainly not least, Rockstar announced the arrival of a new Super Car in GTA Online, and it will be free for all GTA+ members. This wouldn’t be the first time the devs have announced this type of bonus for GTA+ members.

All in all, that’s everything we know so far about the GTA Online Summer Update. We’ll make sure to update this page once Rockstar reveal more details about this new update.

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