GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries summer update – Release date, new vehicles, missions, more

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GTA Online will get a new content update for summer 2023 called San Andreas Mercenaries. Here are all of the details.

GTA Online has been supported for many years now, and while some Rockstar fans patiently await more news on GTA 6, the game still holds a vast playerbase, especially for the popular RP mod.

Each year, when summer rolls around, Rockstar Games usually have a new content update for GTA Online, and 2023 is no different. For the summer of 2023, GTA Online will bring the San Andreas Mercenaries content update to the game, introducing new missions, vehicles, and more.

For those interested in the new summer update, here’s our full guide on the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update.

GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update release date

The GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update will release on June 13, 2023, for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Once live, players will “take flight alongside a team of elite pilots and ex-military operators to do battle against the monolithic forces of San Andreas’ largest private military.”

The update will bring brand-new content for players such as new missions, vehicles, and more.

GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries brings new missions

This new update sees players join the Los Santos Angels, a group of “elite pilots and ex-military operators” who have been rallied to do battle with “San Andreas’ largest private military.”

Players will take on new jobs including “lucrative private work, stealing sensitive data from server farms, conducting raids, and dropping explosive payloads on high-value targets across the state.”

The Los Santos Angels are headed by Charlie Reed, an “expert aircraft mechanic and ace pilot” who’s poised to take down the forces of San Andreas.

New vehicles in GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries

The GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update brings new vehicles, most notably the Mammoth Avenger. This vehicle serves as a command center and comes equipped with an “Operations Terminal and weapons system upgrades.” Players can store and customize the Mammoth Avenger to give it a personalized look.

Four vehicles have been revealed so far, including a new Maibatsu, Bravado, Fighter Jet, and Prop Plane. As well as this, there will also be new customization options for existing vehicles.

All GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries content

To sum up all of the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries content, here’s a full list of what’s included in the new update coming on June 13:

  • New missions
  • New Vehicles
  • A brand-new Tactical SMG
  • Random events
  • Player-requested improvements:
    • When calling Mors Mutual Insurance, you’ll be able to claim all destroyed vehicles at once.
    • An alternate sprint control option (hold to sprint) will be added to the Settings Menu.
    • Custom description tags for garages to help quickly locate your favorite rides.
    • The Willard Eudora and Albany Classique Broadway will become eligible for Taxi Work when using Taxi Liveries.
    • Updates to the Creator to incorporate additional props and weather options, including snow.

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