GTA Online money glitch explained: How to farm cash

Joaquín Frere
Money in GTA 5.

If you want to be rich in Grand Theft Auto Online, there’s a GTA 5 money glitch that can help out, but greedy players might need to double-check how often they want to test it out.

GTA Online is still running after 11 years’ worth of content, and players have bought new apartments, and houses, and participated in many heists since then. Apart from that, they can tackle races in Los Santos and to do so, they need to buy the best cars out there.

If you want to farm tons of money in GTA Online with a money glitch, here’s all you need to know, but beware, as repeating it too much might have its consequences.

GTA 5 money glitches explained

According to ByAlex98, a Youtuber specialized in GTA Online, there are currently two money glitches in GTA Online:

  • A Bank glitch, where you can bug a money deposit by disconnecting the internet from your platform.
  • A register glitch, where you can bug an ATM deposit in a specific store and re-connect to the game to earn the same amount that you deposited at first.

For the first method, players will need to run into any Maze Bank ATM in Los Santos during a GTA Online session and deposit 1 million USD in their accounts, as this is the tested amount. At the same time that you click deposit, disconnect from the internet, resulting in a connection error that will glitch the deposit.

This glitch is best done with a LAN cable, as it needs to be as fast as possible. The ATM must throw the “network error, transaction couldn’t be completed” error screen to successfully reproduce the glitch.

Now, exit the ATM, reconnect to the internet, and wait approximately 4 seconds to deposit the money again. Re-connect to the session using GTA Online’s Interaction Menu and you should receive the extra one million dollars.

GTA Online money glitch.
GTA Online is all about hoarding money to buy new cars, apartments, and more.

The second method involves an ATM Bug in the 24/7 Supermarket store in downtown Vinewood. To reproduce the money glitch, you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Use the Interaction Menu to change your respawn position to “Last Location”.
  2. Enter the 24/7 store and access its ATM.
  3. Deposit all your money into the ATM, exit, and withdraw it all again using your mobile phone.
  4. Now, take your gun and point to the store clerk. You will need to shoot him as soon as the Intimidation bar reaches the end while he is taking the money off the register.
  5. Shoot both the registers at the store and pick up the money left on the floor.
  6. Before the Police arrive, you will need to quickly deposit the money you just withdrew using your mobile phone, and the stolen money you just picked up.
  7. After the deposit, re-connect to the session. This must be done before the Police arrive.
  8. Once you respawn, you need to point the store clerk with your gun again, kill him before he reaches the register, and steal the same amount of money you just deposited into the ATM before reconnecting.

Remember that repeating these glitches multiple times a day on the same GTA Online session can result in a ban. Rockstar Games bans GTA Online players from misconduct, so try these out at your own risk, slow and steady to fly under the radar.

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