GTA Online players reveal business you should completely ignore

Franco Diaz
GTA Online MC president

If you’re starting in GTA Online and unsure where to invest your money, many experienced players have revealed which business you should ignore. Check out what they said and which businesses are in question.

Starting from scratch in GTA Online can be quite overwhelming, especially with all the new content added since its launch in 2013 until today. In the beginning, GTA Online only had Simeon’s works, Penthouse Heists, street races, and countless community Deathmatches.

However, as updates rolled out, Rockstar added new ways to make money, such as new Heists, the Motorcycle Club, Diamond Casino, and much more. That’s why if you’re new at GTA Online, you’ll likely spend a lot of time answering or rejecting calls from NPCs that initiate a potential new business or heist.

While the GTA community awaits the first trailer for GTA 6, Reddit user ‘Mythril’ made a post titled “What business will you never use no matter what?” and experienced GTA Online players quickly reached a consensus.

As quickly as Mythril made the post, many GTA Online players agreed that the Motorcycle Club is the most “hated” business in the game. The OP even clarifies that they only find it valuable for players who are starting in GTA Online, while others point out that they only bought all Motorcycle businesses to their “nightclub goods to reach 100%.”

The Motorcycle Club offers players the opportunity to run various businesses such as the Weed Farm, Counterfeit Cash Factory, Document Forgery, Cocaine Lockup, and Meth Lab. Again, players reached a consensus, stating that the Document Forgery is by far the “worst” option you can choose in GTA Online.

One player mentioned being in a Document Forgery stash sale for half an hour, earning barely GTA$ 14,000. Another commented that they usually complete Motorcycle Club contracts just “for fun” and emphasized that biker stuff “needs to be overhauled and modernized.”

Rockstar have not provided any hints about whether they will add new business or make any major update to those already available. However, rumors suggest that a new GTA Online DLC could arrive in mid-December 2023, and we’ll provide information as soon as we have official details.

In the meantime, you can check how to use Hao’s Special Works and which are the best drift cars in GTA Online.

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