Wuthering Waves Chord Cleansing event guide

Souhardya Choudhury
Wuthering waves Jiyan and Tempest Mephis

Wuthering Waves‘ Chord Cleansing event has been introduced, and players are set to receive a bunch of extra rewards and Union EXP. This has been a welcome change as update 1.1 is just around the corner and players must have already started farming for XP and Astrites.

Kuro Games’ regular feedback surveys have revealed that a massive chunk of the player base demands more Echo EXP items, so the Chord Cleansing event is the perfect addition. If you are interested in farming some resources for yourself as well, here’s everything you need to know.

Wuthering Waves Chord Cleansing event explained

The Chord Cleansing event is associated with Tacet Fields where you will get three double drop chances every day. This means, three times a day you will be able to get double the Union EXP, Echo EXP, and other Echoes that you generally get upon completing Tacet Fields.

The Waveplate charge will remain the same, that is 60, and instead of 450 Union EXP, you’ll be getting 900. But, do note that you’ll need to be at least in Union Level 19 to access these bonuses, so it can be said that the devs have targetted mostly the endgame players in UL 40 and more for this event.

WuWa Chord Cleansing event rewards

  • Double Union EXP
  • Double Echo EXP items, or Sealed Tubes
  • Double Echoes
  • Double Tuners
  • Double Shell Credits & Intimacy

All your normal rewards upon completing Tacet Fields are getting doubled, so it’s one of the best ways to upgrade your Union Level quickly and get more upgrade items for your Echoes. Players who have yet not reached UL 45 to get the 5-star weapon cache will find this to be a great opportunity to accelerate forward.

Chord Cleansing event end date

The Chord Cleansing event in Wuthering Waves started on June 20, 2024, and will end on June 27, right at 4 AM server time. This is most likely the last event before version 1.1 drops and will end on June 27 along with the Second Coming of Solaris and Exploration events.

As this event will only run for a week in WuWa, make sure that you farm an ample amount of resources for your characters, and the upcoming Resonators, Jinhsi and Changli in version 1.1 as well. Both these characters will likely have expensive Ascension and Upgrade materials, so farming here is always recommended.

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