All currencies in The First Descendant & how to get them

Nathan Warby

As a free-to-play looter shooter, The First Descendant is packed full of different currencies that can be spent on different items and upgrades, but knowing what each one is used for can be overwhelming when you first arrive in Albion.

The process was made even more difficult by the Caliber bug that has plagued the game since launch, causing the devs to roll out free rewards as compensation. So, here’s a breakdown of every different currency in The First Descendant and what they are.

All currencies

  • Caliber
  • Kuiper shards
  • Gold
  • Supply Coins
  • Bonus Coins

There are five different currencies to worry about in The First Descendant at launch, each of which is spent to unlock different items. Many of these can be earned by simply playing the game, but others will force you to part with real money.


Caliber screen in The First Descendant
Caliber is used to buy rare cosmetics.

This is the main premium currency, which you can spend in the in-game shop to buy everything from limited-edition skins and makeup to unlocking new Descendants and their Ultimate variants to skip the grind.

You’ll also need it to buy the Battle Pass, although leveling it up will reward you with some Caliber in return. That being said, the quickest and easiest way to get hold of it is by purchasing it with real money at the following prices:

  • 250 Caliber – $4.99/£3.99
  • 520 Caliber – $9.99/£7.99
  • 1060 Caliber – $19.99/£15.99
  • 2750 Caliber – $49.99/£39.99
  • 3920 Caliber – $69.99/£57.99
  • 5750 Caliber – $99.99/£79.99

Kuiper Shards

The other vital currency you’ll need to keep an eye on is Kuiper Shards, which are essential for making you more powerful. They are used to upgrade your Modules and Descendants, so you’ll find yourself collecting and spending often throughout your playthrough.

Kuiper Shards are easily collected by defeating enemies, but you can also get them in bulk by Dismantling your existing Modules. So, if you want to earn them quickly, be sure to scrap any that you don’t plan on using in the future.


Gold is also vital in The First Descendant, as it can be spent to start Research tasks that eventually lead to new characters. It’s also used to purchase various resources, so you’ll need to horde it wherever possible to ensure you never find yourself short.

Ultimate Bunny in The First Descendant
Gold is vital if you want Research new characters.

Most defeating enemies will drop a small amount of Gold after you beat them, but the quickest to get it is by completing missions and Special Operations. These tend to offer large sums in one go, making it fairly easy to farm.

Supply Coins

It isn’t immediately obvious what Supply Coins are for in The First Descendant, but they can be spent in the Battle Supply Shop. You’ll find this by clicking the small icon on the bottom-right-hand corner of the main Battle Pass menu, and it contains some very rare cosmetics like weapons and character skins.

Arrow pointing to Battle Supply Shop in The First Descendant
You can find the Battle Supply Shop here.

However, you’ll need to reach Season Levels 50 and 96 to unlock the first and second page respectively. To earn Supply Coins, all you have to do is complete Weekly or Seasonal Challenges, so by the time you unlock the Battle Supply Shop, you should have plenty to splash.

Bonus Coins

Last up is Battle Coins, the other premium currency in The First Descendant. You’ll need these to buy rare resources from the Bonus Shop that are useful for improving your characters, such as a Phase Exchanger for leveling up weapons or an Ion Accelerator.

Bonus Shop in The First Descendant

The only way to get them is by leveling up the Battle Pass, but you’ll need the Premium Upgrade to unlock them as they aren’t rewards for any of the free tiers. The good news is that you will get 30 each time, so you should rack them up quickly if you’re playing regularly.

If you’re looking to create the very builds for popular characters like Bunny, Freyna, or Viessa, then you’ll need to make sure you’re collecting and spending each currency wisely. Season 1 is also on the horizon, so we might see even more introduced in future updates.

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