What does Underdog mean in Brawl Stars?

Aakrit Sharma
Brawl Stars Brawlers in Hypercharge mode

Being an Underdog in Brawl Stars puts you in a position to benefit more than usual from wins and here’s everything to know about this unique status effect.

The Ragnarok season is here in Brawl Stars and while participating in ranked matches, you might get the Underdog status. At first glance, being the Underdog might make you feel intimidated, but as it turns out, this mechanic has many advantages and you can easily make the most of it to boost your ranked progress.

Assuming that you’ve already selected the best Brawlers to make the perfect team, here’s what Underdog means in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Brawlers
You’ll never lose progress as an Underdog in Brawl Stars.

What is Underdog in Brawl Stars?

If you’re an Underdog in Brawl Stars, it means that your trophy count or your team’s total trophy count is significantly lower than the teamed allies or the opponent team, respectively. The exact conditions that trigger the Underdog status in Brawl Stars are listed below:

  • When you are paired with two players that are teamed up and the difference between their Brawler Trophies is equal to or larger than 150.
  • In a team of 3, if you are put against an opponent team whose average Brawler Trophies exceed yours by 150 or more.
  • The Underdog status is only applicable in 3v3 modes, regardless of them being ranked or not.

Underdog system explained

Here’s an example that should help you understand why Brawl Stars implemented the Underdog system:

  • If you (800 trophies) and your friend (300 trophies) want to play together, the lobby you’ll be placed in will be based on your trophy count, which is 800 in this case. If a third player (500 trophies) joins your team, the matchmaking is clearly unfair towards them and in such a setting, the game will make the third player with 500 trophies an Underdog.
Brawl Stars Underdog getting trophies after losing.
Underdog saves you from losing progress due to mismatched lobbies.

How Underdog affects trophies in Brawl Stars

As an Underdog in Brawl Stars, you’ll notice the following changes in the Trophies that are awarded after a match ends:

  • If you win a match, you get up to four more trophies than what you would’ve received usually.
  • If you draw a match, you get up to four more trophies than usual.
  • Losing a match ensures that you won’t lose any trophies. Interestingly, if your performance is good enough, you might end up winning a couple of trophies even after losing.

How to get Underdog in Brawl Stars

Although there’s no guaranteed way to get Underdog status in Brawl Stars, you can try teaming up with allies that have a low trophy count as it will boost the chances of getting placed in an Underdog match.

Having said that, choosing to ‘Play Again’ after an Underdog match will remove the effect from you and your team. This is to stop players from exploiting the mechanic during ranked play.

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