How to beat Hanged Man in The First Descendant

Stephanie Zucarelli

The First Descendant‘s players will have to face many Colossi while trying to save humanity, but the hardest fight is against the Hanged Man. This Level 95 creature can wipe out an entire party in only one attack, and it’s important to know how it works if you want to beat it.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Hanged Man in The First Descendant.

How to defeat Hanged Man boss in The First Descendant

The Hanged Man is immune to all attacks and will wipe out the entire group in a single deadly attack if you give him the opportunity. To reveal his weak point, you’ll need to assign a group member to focus on the cube that’s located on a pedestal in the center of the arena while others are shooting at the Colossus.

Hanged Man cube in TFD
When these tubes fill, the Hanged Man will become enraged.

The assigned player will have to pick up the cube once the pipes surrounding the pedestal are full and then start running around the arena. Keep in mind that the pedestal will randomly pulse, which deals a lot of damage and will down any players near it.

Stealing the cube will enrage the Hanged Man, who will become invulnerable to damage. It will also start focusing its AoE attacks only at the runner. Eventually, the creature will open its mouth and reveal a sensor that acts as its weak point.

The rest of the players have to focus on dealing all the damage they can to this sensor until they break the Hanged Man’s mouth. If you don’t break it soon enough, the Colossus will shoot a laser beam and kill the entire party.

Hanged Man core in TFD
The Hanged Man sensor is a red core inside its mouth.

Eventually, other creatures called KingFishers will spawn on the battlefield. Be sure to defeat them as fast as you can, since they also drop bullets and other recovery items. At random times, the Colossus will stop paying attention to the runner and will randomly attack another player.

When the sensor in the Hanged Man’s mouth has received enough damage, the player holding the cube should return it to the pedestal to disable its invincibility and start attacking it normally again.

Repeat these steps as much as you need until you finally beat the Hanged Man.

Who is the Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is the last boss fight you’ll encounter in the Void Intercept Battles before unlocking The First Descendant’s endgame content. If you’re still playing in the Normal Difficulty setting, you’ll find that this is the highest-level creature you need to defeat to start playing the game in Hard mode.

To unlock its Void Intercept Battle, you’ll need to complete the A Certain Prologue quest and all missions from the main campaign. This boss also requires a team of four players, so you can team up with your games or other users who are looking to face the Hanged Man.

The Hanged Man weakness in The First Descendant

This boss uses attacks with the Electric Attribute and is resistant to almost every element except Poison. Here are some of its weaknesses that you can exploit in The First Descendant:

  • Weak Point Type: Crush
  • Elemental Resistance:
    • Fire: Strong
    • Electric: Very Strong
    • Ice: Normal
    • Poison: Very Weak
  • Destructible Parts: Sensor, Core Cover, Rear Cover
  • Removable Parts: Core, Shoulder

You can check our weapons tier list to see which one works best against the Hanged Man, but equipping anything over 180,000 DPS is a good place to start.

The First Descendant Hanged Man boss
You can check the Hanged Man stats in your Colossi terminal.

Best team to beat Hanged Man boss in The First Descendant

If you’re only playing with free characters, your team can include Ajax, Freyna, Viessa, and Bunny. Bunny should be the one focusing on grabbing the cube and escaping the Hanged Man, while Ajax is responsible for dealing heavy attack damage.

Freyna and Viessa are going to focus on DPS, so you’ll have to equip them with External Components (DEF Support Memory), Reactors, and Modules (Electric Antibody) that give them as much electric resistance as possible, or at least, more than 3,100.

The First Descendant Hanged Man rewards

  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 050
    • Energy Activator Blueprint (3%)
    • Gley Spiral Catalyst Blueprint (6%)
    • Enzo Enhanced Cells Blueprint (15%)
    • Nazeistra’s Devotion Nano Tube Blueprint (38%)
    • The Final Masterpiece Nano Tube Blueprint (38%)
  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 051
    • Clairvoyance Polymer Syncytium Blueprint (3%)
    • Enzo Stabilizer Blueprint (6%)
    • Crystallization Catalyst Blueprint (15%)
    • Albion Cavalry Gun Polymer Syncytium Blueprint (38%)
    • Greg’s Reversed Fate Nano Tube Blueprint (38%)
  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 052
    • Ultimate Bunny Code (3%)
    • Smithereens Nano Tube Blueprint (6%)
    • Crystallization Catalyst Blueprint (15%)
    • Wave of Light Nano Tube Blueprint (38%)
    • The Final Masterpiece Synthetic Fiber Blueprint (38%)
  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 053
    • Energy Activator Blueprint (3%)
    • Enduring Legacy Nano Tube Blueprint (6%)
    • Piercing Light Synthetic Fiber Blueprint (15%)
    • Enzo Code (38%)
    • Gley Enhanced Cells Blueprint (38%)

If you’re looking for a full Support unit for this Colossi battle in The First Descendant, consider unlocking Yujin. You can also take a look at our character tier list to check out which Descendant might work best with your playstyle.

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