Who should you pick first in The First Descendant?

Emily Stander
Viessa, Lepic and Ajax in The First Descendant

The First Descendant gives you the option to choose from three Descendants in the beginning, and you may be wondering if you should start playing with Lepic, Viessa, or Ajax. 

So, here’s everything you need to know about each of these Descendants and which one is better to start with. 

Best starting Descendant

Lepic is the best starting character in The First Descendant.

This is because his kit is easy to learn, and since you’ll be playing with your first pick for some time, it’s important to pick someone who has a good balance of strength with a relatively low skill ceiling so you can get to grips with the gameplay as soon as possible.

Ajax abilities & gameplay

  • Event Horizon (Passive): Store Void Energy during battle. 
  • Orbit Barrier: Creates a shield in front of Ajax. Durability is increased proportionally to Ajax’s HP and Defense. 
  • Void Walk: Leap into the air to strike and stun enemies. 
  • Expulsion: Knock enemies back. 
  • Hypercube: Created a dome shaped shield. Durability is increased proportionally to Ajax’s HP and Defense.
Ajax abilities in The First Descendant
Ajax can use his Void Walk to stun enemies.

Ajax is a Tank character in The First Descendant who makes use of a combination of defense and offensive strategies to protect the team and ward off enemies.

Ajax is a really fun Descendant who has a good mix of defense with his shielding abilities and offense with Void Walk and Expulsion, so he’ll have no problems fitting into any kind of team composition. His skill ceiling is slightly higher, though, so it may take some time to learn how he plays.

His abilities also make him a great choice if you’re planning on going solo, but again, you’ll need some patience to figure out the right time to defend and attack.

Lepic abilities & gameplay

  • Close Call (Passive): A chance of surviving fatal damage during battle. 
  • Grenade: Throw a grenade. 
  • Overclock: Increase all skill attack damage, adds burn effect to your grenade. 
  • Traction grenade: Pull enemies into an area. 
  • Overkill: Fires a powerful shell that is maintained at the landing point for some time and constantly damages enemies nearby.
Lepic abilities in The First Descendant
Lepic’s Close Call passive can help you survive damage that would otherwise be fatal.

Lepic is a DPS-type character in The First Descendant that uses a lot of bombs to do massive damage to enemies. 

What makes Lepic a great starting character is his passive, which gives you the ability to survive damage that would otherwise kill you, giving you an opportunity to get away and heal up. His abilities also deal big damage, and they’re fairly easy to master even early on in the game.

This makes Lepic a great choice for players who are taking on missions solo or with teammates, as he has good survivability and his Traction Grenade makes it easy for everyone to do damage to enemies.

Viessa abilities & gameplay

  • Ice Sphere (Passive): Condenses moisture in the atmosphere around her body, lowering the temperature. 
  • Frost Shards: Fires an exploding Ice Beam that damages enemies and inflicts Ice Shackle. 
  • Frost Road: Increases Running Speed and Shield, and creates Ice Sheets on the ground where Viessa stands. When enemies touch the Ice Sheets, they are inflicted with Ice Shackle.
  • Ice Wave: Releases an arc of cold air in front of Viessa, inflicting damage and Ice Shackle.
  • Cold Snap: Creates a snowstorm that explodes over time, inflicting damage and Ice Shackle on enemies.
Viessa abilities in The First Descendant
Viessa can use Frost Road to freeze enemies over time.

Viessa uses ice to apply debuffs to enemies and do damage, so she’s a mix of utility and DPS in The First Descendant. Here are her abilities: 

Like Ajax, Viessa is a lot of fun to play, but it will take some time to learn her abilities. She’s also the weakest among the first three that you can choose, especially if you’re playing solo, as she depends on her team to follow up on the debuffs she applies. 

You’ll be able to unlock all the Descendants as you play. Be sure to check out all of their abilities so you know who you’d like to choose once you reach endgame. Otherwise, you can also have a look at what Twitch Drops are available so you can customize your Descendants.

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