The First Descendant devs reveal “endless” endgame content at launch

Nathan Warby
Playable character in The First Descendant

With The First Descendant’s July 2 release date fast approaching, the devs have pulled back the curtain on the “endless” endgame content that will keep players occupied once they’ve beat the main story.

The First Descendant is a free-to-play looter shooter arriving on all platforms that tasks you with defending humanity from the Colossus. Throughout the campaign, you’ll push back alien forces, earning yourself valuable rewards and new characters along the way.

But, the game doesn’t stop once you’ve reached the credits, as there’s an extensive endgame to tackle alone or with friends. Now, the devs have provided an update on the “endless” post-story content that awaits us.

In a June 13 video, Senior Combat Designer, Jung Yoon-su recommended that players start the endgame by grinding to unlock all the available Descendants and Ultimate Weapons, which will prove key in the tough challenges that lie ahead.

Every story mission is also infinitely replayable on higher difficulties, offering higher tier rewards than the first playthrough. The rewards earned from these missions rotate regularly, giving you enough reason to run through them again.

Beyond that, the devs also listed a ton of other endgame activities in The First Descendant, starting with Infiltration missions. These ramp up the difficulty and give you optional modifiers, such as decreasing your defense stats or improving enemy health.

Special Operations are described as some of the “most challenging” objectives in the game, which see you battling against endlessly spawning enemies while you complete specific tasks. Then, there are also Void Intercept Battles, which are standalone boss fights that take place in specially designed arenas.

As you’d expect, all of these activities come with a steady stream of rewards, whether it’s new loot or materials to research weapons and Descendants.

This is only the launch lineup too, there’s plenty more to come after The First Descendant arrives on July 2. In the video, Lead Game Designer, Jung Seung-woo, added that the team is “constantly preparing” new endgame content.

2024 is packed with major releases, but some much packed into the free-to-play shooter, fans will be hoping that The First Descandant can carve out a space for itself alongside the likes of XDefiant and Delta Force: Hawk Ops.

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