Skull and Bones co-op explained: How to play with friends

Souhardya Choudhury
Player on a ship mast in Skull and Bones

We’ve had to wait some time for Ubisoft’s newest pirate adventure, Skull and Bones, to enter the fray. As you’ll be sailing the high seas, you’re likely wondering if you’re be able to invite others to play. Here, we’ll take you through if Skull and Bones is co-op or if you’re able to play with friends at all.

It’s time for Skull and Bones to set sail. Ubisoft’s online pirate game is on the brink of launch, as players are excited to tune in to experience the call of the sea on their ship.

With a large number of players already taking part in the open beta, many have wondered about the multiplayer aspect of Skull and Bones and if co-op is actually possible in the title.

Here’s whether co-op is possible in Skull and Bones.

Does Skull and Bones have co-op?

Skull and Bones is a multiplayer title that has both co-op and PvP in it. As mentioned earlier, it is an online game that will remain up for all the players at the same time. This means players would be able to encounter others in the game and form parties with them to go on an adventure together.

Ships in Skull and Bones
You can invite your friends easily in Skull and Bones.

There is a wide range of missions in Skull and Bones, starting from delivering basic essentials to fighting literal sea monsters and working together with other players in co-op is always recommended in difficult missions.

How to join & play with friends in Skull and Bones

You can invite your friends to Skull and Bones by simply accessing the Ubisoft Connect. Make sure that the person you want to invite to your group is friends with you on Ubisoft Connect, and invite them by heading over to the Social tab in the main menu and interacting with their name.

However, you can also invite other people in-game in Skull and Bones by heading over to them and clicking on the Invite prompt that appears over their heads. If they accept your invitation, you can form a party with them and take on any mission you want.

Similarly, you can also join other teams by responding to their invites in-game, or direct invitations from your friends through Ubisoft Connect. This was everything you had to know about Skull and Bones being a co-op title.

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