Zenless Zone Zero QingYi leaks & everything we know

Ezequiel Leis
QingYi in Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero is officially out, and while players are busy unlocking many different characters, the cast will expand in future updates with additions like QingYi.

HoYoverse are already teasing the upcoming character, so here’s everything we know about her, including her leaked abilities and more.

Who is QingYi in Zenless Zone Zero?

QingYi is part of the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team, which is also Zhu Yuan and Seth’s faction in Zenless Zone Zero. She’s an android who works for Public Security and is always enthusiastic and curious, according to her official description.

When is QingYi coming to Zenless Zone Zero?

HoYoverse haven’t confirmed QingYi’s release date in ZZZ, but leaks suggest she’ll arrive with the 1.1 update that launches around August 15.

We’ll make sure to update this section once we know more about the character’s arrival.

QingYi leaked abilities

  • One Attack (Basic Attack) – Performs up to four strikes forward, causing Physical DMG and Electric DMG.
  • Drunken Flower Cloud (Basic Attack) – Launch a charge attack forward, causing Electric DMG.
  • Flashover – When QingYi launches a move to cause Electric DMG, Flashover Voltage will accumulate. When Flashover Voltage reaches 75%, QingYi enters the Flashover state. When launching Basic Attack: Drunken Flower Moon Cloud, QingYi consumes all Flashover Voltage and exits the Flashover state. For every 1% consumed that exceeds 75%, DMG increases by an additional 1%. Drunken Flower Moon Cloud doesn’t accumulate Flashover Voltage.
  • Drunken Flower Moon Cloud (Basic Attack) – In the Flashover state, launches five consecutive forward charge attacks, followed by a finishing blow, dealing massive Electric DMG.
  • Daytime Jintang (Special Attack) – Quickly thrust forward, then launches a downward attack, dealing Electric DMG.
    • Moon Begonia (EX Special Attack) – Quickly thrust forward, leap into the air, turn around, and then launch a powerful downward attack, dealing a lot of Electric DMG. Can increase the number of attacks by holding the button.

According to leaks, QingYi is an S-Rank Electric Agent. These leaked abilities might change before she’s officially released, so we’ll keep this guide updated with the latest details on her kit.

From what we can see, she could be a Stun unit with DPS capabilities thanks to Flashover. However, we don’t have details on her Ultimate yet, so we still don’t know what role she’ll play in ZZZ.

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