Zenless Zone Zero Attributes & Fighting Styles explained

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Koleda Belobog gameplay in Zenless Zone Zero

Like in other HoYoverse games, you’ll need to know your characters’ abilities and damage types in Zenless Zone Zero. This will help you build the most balanced teams to defeat different kinds of enemies.

While Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail have their own terms, in ZZZ each Agent has one Attribute and a Fighting Style you need to be aware of. This is key to building your units with the best Drive Discs and W-Engines.

Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying Test artwork
ZZZ features characters with different Fighting Styles and Attributes.

What are Attributes?

Each character belongs to one of the five unique in-game Attributes, also known as Elements, and all enemies possess elemental weaknesses and resistances. This will be key to building your party and strategizing when trying to defeat different kinds of enemies.

Constantly dealing Attribute damage will add to the Anomaly Buildup. Then, when the buildup reaches a certain level, the enemy will be inflicted with the corresponding Attribute Anomaly debuff. Players can enhance their characters’ Attribute Mastery to deal even more damage with Anomalies.

All Attributes & effects

AttributeIconCharactersAttribute Anomaly
IceIce Attribute in Zenless Zone ZeroEllen Joe, Soukaku, Von LycaonFreeze: Prevents taking action for a certain period and triggers Shatter at the end of the effect, dealing additional Ice damage
Frostbite: Ice Damage Resistance is reduced for a certain period.
FireFire Attribute in Zenless Zone ZeroBen Bigger, Koleda Belobog, Soldier 11Burn: Deals continuous Fire damage. Organic enemies can’t move while Burned.
EtherEther Attribute in Zenless Zone ZeroNicole Demara, Zhu YuanCorruption: Targets attacked during Corruption take additional Ether damage. The Corruption effect can interrupt Energy enemies.
ElectricElectric Attribute in Zenless Zone ZeroAlexandrina, Anby Demara, Anton Ivanov, Grace HowardShock: Being attacked intermittenly triggers additional Electric Damage and interrupts enemy actions. Robotic enemies can’t move while Shocked.
PhysicalPhysical Attribute in Zenless Zone ZeroBilly Kid, Corin Wickes, Nekomiya ManaAssault: Interrupts the enemy and deals massive Physical damage.
Armor Break: Physical Damage Resistance is reduced for a certain period.

What are Specialties?

Specialties are the Agents’ classes in Zenless Zone Zero, and they establish their roles in battle. Some characters can specialize in dealing massive damage to enemies, while others have mostly supporting abilities in their kits.

Knowing each character’s Specialty is also key to victory, as you’ll need to build balanced parties of three units to clear areas and defeat enemies.

Every Specialty in ZZZ

  • Attack – These Agents can dish out huge amounts of damage, specializing in long combos and constant attacks to defeat enemies with brute force.
    • Characters: Anton Ivanov, Billy Kid, Corin Wickes, Ellen Joe, Nekomiya Mana, Soldier 11, Zhu Yuan
  • Stun – These characters boast powerful control abilities, specializing in building up Daze to Stun enemies. Stunned enemies are open to all attacks for a certain period.
    • Characters: Anby Demara, Koleda Belobog, Von Lycaon
  • Anomaly – Agents with this Specialty focus on applying debuffs on enemies and they are the best at accumulating Anomaly Buildup.
    • Characters: Grace Howard
  • Support – Support Agents focus on buffing teammates’ abilities to improve their combat effectiveness.
    • Characters: Alexandrina, Nicole Demara, Soukaku
  • Defense – These units can create Shields for allies and other forms of protection to safeguard them from enemy attacks.
    • Characters: Ben Bigger
Ben Bigger in Zenless Zone Zero
Ben Bigger is the only Defense Agent at launch.

What are attack types?

Attack types will tell you the type of weapon an Agent uses and what kind of enemies they’re strong against.

This also determines what kind of attacks a character uses to fight, which can shape your playstyle in different ways, depending on their build and the party you pick.

All attack types in ZZZ

  • Slash – This attack type includes weapons like swords and knives which means it focuses on fast melee attacks at a short distance. Slash attacks are strong against Ethereal enemies.
  • Strike – This group focuses on heavy attacks, whether it’s punches, kicks, or big weapons like hammers or pillars. These kind of attacks are slower than slashes but are strong against Mechanical enemies.
  • Pierce – This category includes characters that use guns or drills to attack enemies. This attack type is also fast but focuses on ranged abilities. Pierce characters are strong against Humanoid enemies.

ZZZ releases on July 4, so make sure you’re caught up with its PC requirements, its gacha mechanics, and the full Agents list.

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