Zenless Zone Zero event schedule – Current & upcoming events

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Zenless Zone Zero maps

Zenless Zone Zero hosts a ton of events for you to dive right into the game and learn how to pull the characters that best suit your playstyle. As with other gacha games, HoYoverse also invites players to win extra materials and other rewards to start upgrading their team.

Check out all the events you can participate in Zenless Zone Zero.

Current Zenless Zone Zero events

  • Stock Up Web Event – May 28 to July 18.
  • Global Social Media Platform Special Events – July 4 to July 24.
  • Cunning Generosity – July 4 to August 13.
  • New City Visitor’s Passport – July 4 to August 13.
  • New Eridu City Fund – July 4 to July 24.
  • Mellow Waveride – July 4 to July 24.
  • Deep Sea Visitor – July 4 to July 24.
  • Sixth Street Giveaway – July 11 to August 13.

There are currently eight events that you can participate in Zenless Zone Zero to gather materials to update your favorite characters. While events like Stock Up and Global Social Media Platform Special Event will depend on you completing tasks outside the game, they all give you rewards like Polychrome, or Shards.

New City Visitor’s Passport and Sixth Street Giveaway reward you with Encrypted Master Tapes that you need to pull from limited-time banners, so keep that in mind.

Zenless Zone Zero upcoming events

Here’s a schedule of every upcoming Zenless Zone Zero event, including their start and end dates:

EventStart DateEnd Date
Eh-Nah Into Your LapJuly 24, 2024August 13, 2024
Unswerving BulletJuly 25, 2024August 14, 2024
Riot Suppressor Mark VIJuly 25, 2024August 14, 2024

Permanent ZZZ events

Road to Proxy GreatnessRewards for reaching Inter-Knot levels.Master Tapes x40, Boopons x55, Plychrome x1,600.
Eridu FrontierDefend Shuyu Pillars and recruit A-Rank Agent Soukaku.Soukaku (A-Rank Agent).
Rookie on the RoadCompleting various missions.Demara Battery Mark II (A-Rank W-Engine), Starlight Engine (A- Rank W-Engine), Bagboo (A-Rank Bangboo), Slice of Time (A-Rank W-Engine), Ben (A-Rank Agent).

If you’re interested in getting more items, you can already look for active codes to get in-game rewards, as well as the banner schedule to know when your favorite characters will arrive.

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