Best Anby build in Zenless Zone Zero

Ezequiel Leis
Anby Demara in Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero is another gacha game developed by Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse, which means it will have an ever-expanding cast of characters.

That’s why it’s always good to master the first characters you get, as they’ll stay with you for a long time before you can replace them with better units. So, here’s how to build Anby, one of the first free Agents in Zenless Zone Zero, with the best W-Engine, Disc Drive, and more.

Anby Abilities explained

  • Turbo Volt (Basic Attack) – Unleashes up to four slashes. The first three deal Physical DMG, while the fourth deals Electric DMG.
    • Thunderbolt (Sub-Attack) – After the 3rd move of the basic attack, holding the attack button unleashes a downward strike that deals Electric DMG. Anti-Interrupt level is increased while using this skill.
  • Fork Lightning (Special Attack) – Unleashes an upward slash that deals Electric DMG. This attack launches faster when used after the 3rd hit of the Basic Attack. Anti-Interrupt level is increased while using this skill.
    • Lightning Bolt (EX Special Attack) – Unleashes a powerful upward slash that deals Electric DMG.
  • Slide (Dodge) – A rapid dodge that makes Anby invulnerable.
    • Taser Blast (Dash Attack) – Slashes all nearby enemies, dealing Physical DMG.
    • Thunderclap (Dodge Counter) – Slashes enemies in front, dealing Electric DMG. Anby is invulnerable while using this skill.
  • Electro Engine (Chain Attack) – Unleashes a powerful upward slash at enemies in a small area, dealing massive Electric DMG.
  • Overdrive Engine (Ultimate) – Unleashes a powerful upward slash at enemies in a small area followed by several falling attacks, dealing massive Electric DMG.
  • Core Skills:
    • Core Passive: Fluctuating Voltage – Launch a Basic Attack: Thunderbolt, Special Attack, or EX Special Attack after the 3rd hit of Anby’s Basic Attack for an extra 32% Daze.
    • Additional Ability: Parallel Connection – When Anby’s Dodge Counter hits an enemy, she gains an extra 7.2 Energy. This effect can trigger once every 5 seconds.

Anby is an Electric Agent of the Stun Fighting Style. Most of her abilities are for crowd control and are best paired alongside a DPS and a Support character.

While Electric characters are best suited to deal with Robotic enemies, Anby’s slashes are also very effective against Ethereal enemies.

Anby Demara in Zenless Zone Zero
Anby’s abilities greatly increase the enemies’ Daze.

Best W-Engines

The Restrained

When an attack hits an enemy, DMG and Daze from Basic Attacks increase by 6% for 8 seconds, stacking up to five times. This effect can trigger at most once during each skill. The duration of each stack is calculated separately.

If you’re looking for an S-Rank W-Engine for Anby, The Restrained is your safest bet. Anby is all about increasing the enemies’ Daze, so improving that aspect of her key will have great results.

Precious Fossilized Core

When the target’s HP is no lower than 50%, the equipper inflicts 10% more Daze to the target. When the target’s HP is no lower than 75%, this bonus is further enhanced by 10%.

This is another interesting option if you’re looking to improve Anby’s Daze-dealing capabilities.

Demara Battery Mark II

Increases Electric DMG by 15%. When the equipped hits an enemy with a Dodge Counter or Assist Attack, their Energy Generation Rate increases by 18% for 8 seconds.

This is the first W-Engine you get in the game and is tailor-made for Anby, as it triggers a skin effect on her. Enhancing her Electric DMG is also important so you can easily build her with this W-Engine for the early game.

Zenless Zone Zero characters discussing money
The Cunning Hares is the first faction you’ll meet in ZZZ.

Drive Disc

Shockstar Disco

  • Two-piece set effect: Increases Impact by 6%.
  • Four-piece set effect: Basic Attacks, Dash Attacks, Dodge Counter, Special Attacks, and EX Special Attacks inflict 15% more Daze upon the main target.

Shockstar Disco is a great option for Anby, although you’ll need the full four-piece set to make it work. this Disc Drive focuses on Daze, so if you’ve already enhanced that part of Anby’s kit with a W-Engine, you can try other alternatives.

Thunder Metal

  • Two-piece set effect: Increases Electric DMG by 10%.
  • Four-piece set effect: As long as an enemy in combat is Shocked, the equipper’s ATK is increased by 27%.

Thunder Metal is another great pick, and you can either choose a two-piece or the full set to further improve Anby’s DMG output.

Anby Demara in Zenless Zone Zero
Anby can work as a Sub-DPS.

Best Zenless Zone Zero teams for Anby

Anby, Nicole, and Billy are the first team you use in Zenless Zone Zero and it’s a pretty balanced formation to pick if you’re going for a free-to-play composition. Nicole can apply debuffs and gather all enemies in one place to let Anby and Billy do all the damage.

However, if you pulled more characters from banners, you can pair Anby with Grace and Anton. This mono-Electric team can apply Shock very easily and trigger squad bonuses to decimate enemies quickly.

Anby Materials in ZZZ

104x Basic Stun Certification Seal24,000
2012x Advanced Stun Certification Seal56,000
3020x Advanced Stun Certification Seal120,000
4010x Buster Certification Seal200,000
5020x Buster Certification Seal400,000

These are all the materials you’ll need to fully Promote Anby in Zenless Zone Zero. On the other hand, the following materials are required to level her skills up:

  • 5x Basic Shock Chip
  • 15x Advanced Shock Chip
  • 50x Specialized Shock Chip
  • 1x Hamster Cage Pass
  • 500,000 Dennies

Mindscape Cinema

  • Rapid Charge Mode (C1) – When the 4th hit of Anby’s Basic Attack hits an enemy, her Energy Generation Rate is increased by 12% for 30 seconds.
  • Precision Discharge (C2) – When Basic Attack: Thunderbolt hits a Stunned enemy, its DMG is increased by 30%. When Anby’s EX Special Attack hits an enemy that is not Stunned, the Daze inflicted is increased by 10%.
  • Well-Disciplined (C3) – Basic Attack, Dodge, Assist, Special Attack, and Chain Attack Lv. +2
  • Conducting Charge (C4) – When Anby launches a Chain Attack or uses her Ultimate, off-field Electric characters recover 3 Energy. For every 12% of Anby’s Energy Generation Rate, recover an additional 2 Energy, up to a maximum of 6.
  • Street Experience (C5) – Basic Attack, Dodge, Assist, Special Attack, and Chain Attack Lv. +2
  • Charging Field (C6) – When Anby uses her EX Special Attack, she gains eight stacks of Charge (max eight stacks). When she hits an enemy with her Basic Attack or Dash Attack, one stack of Charge is consumed, increasing that attack’s DMG by 45%.

While ZZZ players can get Anby for free, getting all her Cinema effects will require them to pull from banners where she’s featured.

You can look for active codes to get in-game rewards, as well as the banner schedule to know when your favorite characters will arrive.

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