Persona 3 Reload player finds hidden Pokemon easter-egg everyone missed

Lucas Simons
Persona 3 Junpei

Persona 3 Reload fans have found a strange easter-egg that proposes an interesting crossover with the world of Pokemon. Not many players have noticed it, so here’s where to find it.

For Pokemon fans out there, finding easter eggs that refer to the franchise is not a common occurrence, more so with Nintendo’s history of litigious struggles against anyone who dares to look at their IP. So, finding a Pokemon easter-egg in Persona 3 Reload is the least of what you might expect, right?

These Persona 3 Reload fans have noticed that a popular Ghost-type Pokemon has ended up inside the Naganaki Shrine, in Tatsumi Port Island. So, is this a Pokemon reference stuck in the middle of Persona 3 Reload?

This is what the fans think about this easter-egg and the possible repercussions Atlus might face for including it in their final cut.

This was posted by Reddit user ‘Frosty_Training_3229’ with the quote: “Is this a Sandyghast easter egg in Persona 3 Reload or just a coincidence?”

Coincidence or not, the little sand castle sure does resemble the Sand Heap Pokemon, so what do Persona and Pokemon fans think about this coincidence?

One of them wrote: “Half the people here: Definitely a reference. The other half: Definitely a coincidence. Great job, we are no closer to the answer.” While another one wrote: “Yeah what a coincidental reference. We made sure that egg was eastered, alright.”

Meanwhile, another Persona 3 fan pointed out the obvious: “I mean when you make a Pokemon that just looks like every sandcastle ever built…” And another one added: “Only Pokemon fans would call a sand pile with a shovel on top a reference.”

So there you have it, while Pokemon fans believe this is a clear reference to Sandygast, Persona 3 Reload fans are not so convinced.

And in case you are wandering through Persona 3 Reload yourself, here’s how to find all missing persons, and all Club Escapade activities and how to enter.

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