Persona 3 Reload: How to unlock Naganaki Shrine Social Links

Joaquín Frere
Persona 3 Reload's MC.

Persona 3 Reload’s social aspect includes many characters with whom the protagonist can start a Social Link. This mechanic is crucial for the RPG side of P3R, so players should start all possible Links, and two of them can be a little tricky to unlock in the Naganaki Shrine.

Persona 3 Reload is the remake of the PS2 original RPG, and as with every game in the Persona franchise, gameplay elements mix between Visual Novel and RPG. This brings many new possibilities every hour you play, and with every relationship step that the MC takes, a new battle opportunity arises.

With this in mind, the best way to spend your time outside Tartarus is by engaging with the many Social Links the game has in stock. Every single one represents a new Tarot Arcana, and strengthening them directly translates into more power for your Persona fusions.

So, here’s how to unlock both Naganaki Shrine Social Links in Persona 3 Reload, as they are not obtained by just simply talking to an NPC.

The Maiko Oohashi Social Link, or the Hanged Man Arcana, can be started by May 6 and unlocked by following a series of steps in Persona 3 Reload.

Maiko will not trust the MC at first, and to win the Shrine girl’s confidence, you will have to follow these instructions:

  • Before or after you talk to Maiko, buy a Mad Bull from one of Port Island’s vending machines
  • While you are at it, be sure to stop by the Iwatodai Strip Mall and buy a Weird Takoyaki from the Takoyaki shop in 1F
  • Talk to Maiko and give her the Energy Drink and Takoyaki when she requests them to start her Social Link and obtain the Hanged Man Arcana.

Maiko will be available to hang around Naganaki Shrine on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, so be sure to plan accordingly each day to max out all Social Links.

Persona 3 Reload MC and Maiko having lunch.
Persona 3 Reload’s MC can get to know Maiko Oohashi better by going out to eat.

Once you reach Rank 3 in the Hanged Arcana’s Social Link with Maiko Oohashi, you will unlock the possibility of starting a new Link in the Shrine with Akinari Kamiki, bearer of the Sun Arcana.

To start Kamiki’s Social Link, players must complete a series of pre-requisites:

  • Be at least Level 4 (Smart) in the Academics Social stat
  • Reach Rank 3 in the Hanged Arcana’s Social Link
  • Meet Akinari Kamiki on Sunday at the Naganaki Shrine, and obtain his Fountain Pen
  • To obtain the pen, you must simply wait until August 8th when Koromaru joins the party. He is the “creature with the red eyes” that stole it
  • Once he joins the party, interact with him in the Dorm’s 1F Lounge to receive the item and give it to Kamiki on Sunday.
  • Speaking with Akinari Kamiki for a second time starts the Social Link

Note that Kamiki can only be found during the day on Sunday at Naganaki Shrine. This Social Link shares the same day as the Hermit Arcana Link, so plan accordingly and do not run out of Sundays to further progress each relationship.

And that’s it! That’s how you can unlock both Social Links in Naganaki Shrine as soon as you meet the required NPCs in Persona 3 Reload.

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