Persona 3 Reload: How to complete Wilduck Burger Big Eater Challenge

Joaquín Frere
Persona 3 Reload MC attempting the Wilduck Burger Big Eater Challenge.Atlus / Sega

Going to out eat is key in Persona 3 Reload to bump up your Social Stats, and Wilduck Burger is one of the best options in Port Island. The burger joint sees the Big Eater Challenge from Persona 5 back, and here’s how to complete it.

Going out to eat is one of the many activities players can tackle in Persona 3 Reload, and using your after-school time correctly is key to max out your stats and Social Links. Players will have two free timeslots a day, where they can go out with different NPCs or pass time at some stores to increase Social Stats.

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Wilduck Burger is Persona 3 Reload’s version of the typical Burger joint found in Persona 5, and of course, there’s a Big Eater Challenge. Finishing it will greatly boost one of your Social Stats and also complete a side quest, so here’s all you need to know to finish it as soon as possible.

How to finish Wilduck Burger Big Eater Challenge in Persona 3 Reload

To complete the Wilduck Burger Big Eater Challenge, players must answer correctly to three different situations that present while attempting the eating test. The challenge will only be available during the night, and it costs 1800 yen per attempt.

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To finish the Big Eater Challenge in one go, choose the following options while eating:

  • “Look away from the burgers”
  • “Eat without stopping”
  • “Imagine something sour”
Persona 3 Reload MC at Wilduck Burger.Atlus / Sega
Only the most courageous can finish the Wilduck Burger Big Eater Challenge.

Persona 3 Reload: Wilduck Burger Big Eater Challenge rewards

Completing the Wilduck Burger Big Eater Challenge in Persona 3 Reload nets players with a Social Stats boost: +2 Academics, +2 Charm, and +2 Courage. You will also unlock the limited Weekend Wilduck Set for the weekends, which nets more Courage than the regular one per sit.

If you have completed Elizabeth’s Request #9 and got all 12 drinks from the vending machines around town, you will unlock the Big Eater Challenge Request. Elizabeth will ask in Request #11 to complete the challenge, and once you report it, you will earn x3 Twilight Fragments.

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