Major Red Dead Redemption remaster clue found on Rockstar website

Joseph Pascoulis
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A Rockstar Games reporter has discovered code on Rockstar’s website that could confirm the existence of a Red Dead Redemption remaster.

Rockstar Games are known for producing some of the gaming industry’s most precious and beloved titles, and the Red Dead Redemption franchise is no exception.

While some are scanning the web for GTA 6 news, fans of the Red Dead Redemption series are waiting to see what’s next for the franchise.

The original Red Dead Redemption is one of the most loved Rockstar games in their illustrious catalog, and the sequel did not disappoint either. Despite players still enjoying Red Dead Redemption 2, players have often wondered if the 2010 original would ever see a modern-day remaster.

Leaks and rumors have been floating around recently, but nothing has been as concrete as gaming reporter Tez2‘s recent findings, who often reveals accurate leaks on Rockstar Games’ titles.

It seems the Rockstar Games website received a new update on July 27, and Tez2 discovered a “new reference within the games list,” along with a new logo.

The reference is codenamed “RDR1RSP,” which Tez2 speculates could stand for Red Dead Redemption 1 Remaster SP. Now, this could also stand for Red Dead Redemption 1 Rockstar Presents, with the RS being for RockStar, so take the speculation with a pinch of salt.

That said, it is pretty interesting that they have decided to update the logo and add a new entry to the games list on the website, as this could potentially be a hint towards a remaster.

Only time will tell if the speculation is accurate, but one thing is for certain, fans would love to see a complete remake of the game, as one comment under Tez2’s post said “that R better stand for remake & not remaster.”

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