Is The First Descendant down? Current server status

Stephanie Zucarelli
Viessa in The First Descendant

The First Descendant had an extensive beta period where Nexon games solved plenty of server issues, but there are still some problems that are affecting the experience even after its full release.

Since thousands of players are logging in to try this free-to-play looter-shooter, it’s expected that the servers could encounter some problems.

If you want to find out if The First Descendant servers are down, here’s what you need to know.

Are The First Descendant servers down?

The First Descendant servers are currently up and running, although Nexon games acknowledged that servers might be unstable.

According to the dev team, the game’s servers were affected by an MS Network error that affected the connection for all platforms. While servers are currently open, this issue hasn’t been completely solved and may cause other errors.

If you’re experiencing more problems and can’t connect to The First Descendant, we’ll keep you posted as soon as there are any other updates.

How to check server status

The First Descendant doesn’t have a dedicated website that shows its server status, but Nexon have been posting updates about the game’s status on an official webpage.

We recommend you also check the game’s official accounts on X and Facebook to keep track of more updates. You can also join the official Discord community to learn more about any server issues.

While other popular games are featured on third-party websites, you can’t check The First Descendant’s server status this way. So, we recommend bookmarking this page and checking it regularly, as we’ll update it with the latest information.

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