When is The First Descendant Season 1? Confirmed content & everything we know

Nathan Warby
Ajax in The First Descendant

The First Descendant has launched in its Pre-Season period, but the devs have revealed that Season 1 is arriving later as part of their launch roadmap.

Although the new looter shooter features tons of characters, Ultimate variants, and endgame content already, the devs have promised to support the game with regular updates – the first of which is Episode: Invasion.

So, here’s when The First Descendant Season 1 is due to arrive and everything we know about the update so far.

Is there a Season 1 release date?

The First Descendant Season 1 is expected to start on Thursday, August 29, 2024, but the devs haven’t officially confirmed this. We’ve based this on the in-game timer shown with the Pre-Season Battle Pass, which expires on this date.

The official roadmap shared by the devs revealed it will arrive in “late August.” This was also confirmed by Producer, Lee Beom-jun, in an interview with This is Game, who said the “update takes place in the 9th week after a total of 8 weeks of pre-season.”

So, Season 1 replaces Pre-Season with no downtime then this is likely to be the date, but we’ll update this section once we know more.

Season 1 content

  • New Descendant
  • Story for new character
  • New Ultimate variant
  • A new weapon
  • A skin
  • Season Progression
  • Field Completion

Although Nexon Games haven’t gone in-depth on what the Season 1 update will bring, they’ve broadly revealed a handful of features that are included.

The biggest news to fans will be that a new Descendant is being introduced, complete with their own story. However, there are currently no concrete details on what they look like or how they will play when they finally arrive.

A new Season Progression system has also been teased, which suggests that there could be a separate set of levels or rewards to earn that is exclusive to the current season. Again, though, this is just speculation as nothing has been announced.

It’s also worth noting that there will be three smaller updates taking place during The First Descendant Season 1, so there’s a chance that not all of the content mentioned above will be available at launch.

But in the meantime, there’s still plenty to keep you occupied Pre-Season, from improving your Mastery and gathering resources to creating powerful builds for characters like Bunny, Lepic, and Valby.