Idle Heroes tier list: Best heroes ranked

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Various characters in Idle Heroes.

Idle Heroes features various combat settings ranging from Guild Wars to Arena and if you want to always come out on top, you need to have the best heroes on you. So here’s a Idle Heroes tier list ranking every character in the game.

With action-heavy gacha games such as Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact dominating the RPG scene, you might be on the lookout for easier alternatives and Idle Heroes could just be the game for you.

In Idle Heroes, you are tasked with training your heroes and leading them into Guild Wars with their magical gears. While codes can come in handy in some cases, having the right heroes on your team is a must.

On that note, here’s a tier list ranking every Idle Heroes character.

Flame Strike in Idle Heroes
Idle Heroes was released in 2016.

Idle Heroes tier list

Here’s every Idle Heroes character ranked from best to worst:

SAida, Amen Ra, Aspen, Belrain, Carrie, Drake, Garuda, Horus, Ithaqua, Mihm, Penny, Rogan, Russel, Sherlock, Tara, UniMax-3000
AAsmodel, Cthugha, Dark Athindol, Delacium, Elyvia, Emily, Faith Blade, King Barton, Kroos, Michelle, Nakia, Skerei, Valkyrie, Vesa, Xia
BAmuvor, Baade, Barea, Bleecker, Blood Blade, Corpsedemon, Dantalian, Demon Hunter, FIeld, Flame Strike, Gerke, Honor Guard, Iceblink, Jahra, Kamath, Karim, Kharma, Oberon, Ormus, Rosa, Sleepless, Starlight, Valentino, Walter
CAidan, Das Moge, Dominator, Dragon Slayer, Eddga, Faceless, Fat Mu, Gusta, Heart Watcher, Lutz, Miki, Mirage, Norma, OD-O1, Queen, Sigmund
DAkasha, Aleria, Bone General, Bonecarver, Chief, Dark Spirit, Darkness Fanella, Deathsworn, Destroyer, Disciple, Divine spirit, Ent Elder, Fegan, Gbagbo, Glen, Grumpy Corpse, Headstriker, Immolatus, Iron Bambi, Kargath, Kristian, Lamb, Lemegeton, Lord Balrog, Logan, LM-O2, Malassa, Margaret, Nightmare Knight, Rogge, Roy, Sierra, Storm Hudde, Tanner, The Grey-Eyed, Thale, Time Mage, Wind Walker, Zekkis

Do note that you should not always rely on having all S-tier characters in your team as the chances of winning depend on your playstyle. We suggest having a mix of A and B-tier characters along with S-tier leading the front.

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