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Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe guide: How to make every recipe

Wondering how many recipes Disney Dreamlight Valley has and how to make them? We’ve got you covered with our in-depth guide.



crepes dessert in disney dreamlight valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley has an absolute ton of recipes to make and they require you to have a heap of ingredients to do so. If you want to know every single recipe in Disney Dreamlight and how to make them, then our guide has you sorted.

Players are constantly hooked by Disney Dreamlight Valley because there’s just so much to see, explore, and do.

When you’re not off galivanting into a new Realm and getting new characters to join your quest, you can also engage in some fun recreational activities such as cooking.

There’s no shortage of recipes to create in Disney Dreamlight Valley either, so if you’re eager to get your chef’s whites on, then let’s cook you up a tasty guide to all of the game’s recipes.

How to cook recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking is an important aspect of Disney Dreamlight Valley as the mechanic is integral in advancing character friendships and is also a pre-requisite for many of the game’s quests, acting as objectives.

You will need to make sure you’re collecting and stockpiling ingredients to be able to carry out your culinary duties, and you need to be acquiring new recipes throughout the many lands in the game.

For a complete set of instructions on how to cook in the game, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a recipe from your collection that you want to cook.
  2. Observe the ingredients necessary and go and collect any you don’t have.
  3. Get some coal.
  4. Find yourself a working stove.
  5. Place the applicable ingredients into the pot and begin cooking!

Below is a complete list of every Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe that is known so far, with more expected to be added as we get closer to the game’s full release date.

salad in disney dreamlight valley

Every Appetizer recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

For starters, here is every Appetizer recipe that you can cook up in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Arendellain Pickled Herring1 Herring, 1 Lemon, 1 Onion, 1 Garlic, 1 Seasoning
Bell Pepper Puffs1 Bell Pepper, 1 Egg, 1 Cheese
Cheese Platter1 Cheese
Chili Pepper Puffs1 Chili Pepper, 1 Eggs, 1 Cheese
Crackers1 Wheat
Creamy Soup1 Spice, 1 Milk, 1 Potato, 1 Vegetable
Crudites1 Vegetable
Eggplant Puffs1 Eggplant, 1 Egg, 1 Cheese
French Fries1 Canola, 1 Potato
Gazpacho1 Cucumber, 1 Tomato, 1 Onion, 1 Spice
Green Salad1 Vegetable, 1 Lettuce
Grilled Vegetables1 Vegetable
Grilled Veggie Platter3 Vegetables
Hard-Boiled Eggs1 Egg
Large Seafood Platter4 Seafood, 1 Lemon
Marinated Herring1 Herring, 1 Onion
Okra Soup1 Okra
Onion Puffs1 Onion, 1 Egg, 1 Cheese
Oyster Platter1 Oyster, 1 Lemon
Pickled Herring1 Herring, 1 Lemon, 1 Onion, 1 Spice
Potato Leek Soup1 Leek, 1 Potato, 1 Milk, 1 Onion, 1 Garlic
Potato Puffs1 Potato, 1 Egg, 1 Cheese
Pottage1 Potato, 1 Spice, 1 Vegetable
Pumpkin Puffs1 Pumpkin, 1 Egg, 1 Cheese
Pumpkin Soup1 Pumpkin, 1 Ginger, 1 Milk, 1 Vegetable
Puree1 Potato
Roasted Asparagus1 Asparagus, 1 Canola
Salad1 Lettuce
Sauteed Mushrooms1 Mushroom, 1 Butter
Seafood Appetizer1 Seafood
Seafood Platter2 Seafood
Souffle1 Cheese, 1 Egg, 1 Milk, 1 Butter
Tomato Soup1 Tomato
Vegetable Soup2 Vegetables
Zucchini Puffs1 Zucchini, 1 Egg, 1 Cheese
pizza in disney dreamlight valley

Every Entree recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Moving onto our next course, Disney Dreamlight Valley has a mindboggling number of Entrees for you to get stuck into.

Apple Cider Glazed Salmon1 Salmon, 1 Apple, 1 Sugarcane
Baked Carp1 Carp, 1 Butter
Basil Omelet1 Basil, 1 Egg, 1 Cheese, 1 Milk
Bouillabaisse2 Seafood, 1 Shrimp, 1 Tomato, 1 Vegetable
Carp Salad1 Carp, 1 Lettuce, 1 Lemon
Cheesy Crispy Baked Cod1 Cod, 1 Cheese, 1 Wheat
Chowder1 Seafood, 1 Vegetable, 1 Milk, 1 Potato
Creamy Garlic Scallops1 Scallop, 1 Garlic, 1 Lemon, 1 Butter
Crispy Baked Cod1 Cod, 1 Wheat
Fish Creole1 Fish, 1 Vegetable, 1 Garlic, 1 Rice, 1 Tomato
Fish ‘n’ Chips1 Fish, 1 Wheat, 1 Canola, 1 Potato
Fish Pasta1 Fish, 1 Garlic, 1 Wheat, 1 Milk
Fish Pie1 Fish, 1 Wheat, 1 Butter
Fish Risotto1 Fish, 1 Rice, 1 Butter
Fish Salad1 Fish, 1 Lemon, 1 Lettuce
Fish Sandwiches1 Fish, 1 Wheat
Fish Soup1 Fish, 1 Vegetable, 1 Milk
Fish Steak1 Fish, 1 Tomato, 1 Basil
Fish Tacos1 Fish, 1 Corn, 1 Chili Pepper, 1 Cheese
Fugu Sushi1 Fugu, 1 Rice, 1 Seaweed
Greek Pizza1 Herb, 1 Wheat, 1 Cheese, 1 Tomato, 1 Onion
Grilled Fish1 Fish
Grilled Fish Entree1 Fish, 1 Vegetable
Gumbo1 Okra, 1 Shrimp, 1 Chili Pepper, 1 Tomato, 1 Onion
Hearty Salad2 Vegetable, 1 Lettuce
Hors d’Oeuvres1 Herb
Kappa Maki1 Seaweed, 1 Cucumber, 1 Rice
Kronk’s Spinach Puffs1 Spinach, 1 Cheese, 1 Canola
Lancetfish Paella1 Lancetfish, 1 Shrimp, 1 Seafood, 1 Tomato, 1 Rice
Leek Soup1 Leek
Lemon Garlic Swordfish1 Swordfish, 1 Lemon, 1 Garlic
Lobster Roll1 Lobster, 1 Butter, 1 Wheat, 1 Lemon, 1 Garlic
Maguro Sushi1 Tuna, 1 Rice, 1 Seaweed, 1 Ginger
Maki1 Fish, 1 Seaweed, 1 Rice
Margherita Pizza1 Herb, 1 Tomato, 1 Cheese, 1 Wheat
Mediterranean Salad1 Cucumber, 1 Tomato, 1 Onion, 1 Spice, 1 Lettuce
Mushroom Pizza1 Mushroom, 1 Wheat, 1 Tomato, 1 Cheese
Mushu’s Congee1 Rice, 1 Egg, 1 Ginger, 1 Garlic, 1 Mushroom
Omelet1 Egg, 1 Cheese, 1 Milk
Pan-Fried Angler Fish1 Anglerfish, 1 Tomato, 1 Zucchini, 1 Potato
Pan-Seared Bass & Vegetables1 Bass, 2 Vegetable
Pan-Seared Tilapia & Vegetables1 Tilapia, 2 Vegetable
Pasta1 Wheat, 1 Tomato
Peanut Butter Sandwich1 Peanut, 1 Wheat
Pizza1 Tomato, 1 Cheese, 1 Wheat
Poached Basil-Butter Sturgeon1 White Sturgeon, 1 Basil, 1 Lemon, 1 Butter
Porridge1 Milk, 1 Wheat
Porridge with Fruits1 Milk, 1 Wheat, 1 Fruit
Ranch Salad1 Lettuce, 1 Tomato, 1 Corn, 1 Bell Pepper, 1 Onion
Ratatouille1 Tomato, 1 Eggplant, 1 Zucchini, 1 Onion, 1 Herb
Sake Maki1 Salmon, 1 Rice, 1 Seaweed
Sake Sushi1 Salmon, 1 Rice
Savory Fish1 Fish, 1 Lemon
Scrambled Egg1 Egg, 1 Cheese
Seafood Pasta1 Seafood, 1 Wheat, 1 Milk
Seafood Pie1 Seafood, 1 Wheat, 1 Butter
Seafood Salad1 Seafood, 1 Lettuce
Seafood Soup1 Seafood, 2 Vegetable
Seared Rainbow Trout1 Rainbow Trout, 1 Onion, 1 Tomato
Simple Fried Perch1 Perch, 1 Butter, 1 Wheat
Smoked Peanuts and Anglerfish1 Peanut, 1 Anglerfish
Sole Meuniere1 Sole, 1 Wheat, 1 Butter, 1 Lemon
Spaghetti Arrabbiata1 Chili Pepper, 1 Tomato, 1 Wheat
Spicy Baked Bream1 Bream, 1 Chili Peppers, 1 Butter
Steamed Fugu1 Fugu, 1 Ginger, 1 Garlic
Sushi1 Rice, 1 Fish
Sweet & Sour Kingfish Steak1 Kingfish, 1 Lemon, 1 Sugarcane
Tamagoyaki1 Egg, 1 Sugarcane
Tasty Salad1 Lettuce, 1 Cucumber, 1 Vegetable, 1 Herb
Tasty Veggies1 Vegetable, 1 Herb
Tekka Maki1 Tuna, 1 Soya, 1 Seaweed, 1 Rice
Teriyaki Salmon1 Salmon, 1 Soya, 1 Rice, 1 Ginger, 1 Sugarcane
Tuna Burger1 Tuna, 1 Lemon, 1 Onion, 1 Wheat, 1 Vegetable
Vegetarian Pizza2 Vegetables, 1 Tomato, 1 Cheese, 1 Wheat
Vegetarian Stew1 Onion, 1 Carrot, 1 Potato
Vegetarian Taco1 Vegetable, 1 Corn, 1 Chili Pepper, 1 Cheese
Veggie Casserole2 Vegetables, 1 Cheese, 1 Herb
Veggie Pasta1 Tomato, 1 Wheat, 1 Vegetable
Veggie Pie1 Vegetable, 1 Butter, 1 Wheat
Veggie Skewers1 Mushroom, 1 Zucchini, 1 Onion, 1 Bell Pepper
Walley en Papillote1 Walleye, 1 Basil, 1 Oregano, 1 Vegetable
ice cream in disney dreamlight valley

Every Dessert recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To finish off now, Disney Dreamlight Valley does its best not to forget the Dessert portion of the meal, so here’s every sweet delight you can concoct.

“My Hero” Cookie1 Wheat, 1 Butter, 1 Vanilla
Apple Pie1 Apple, 1 Wheat, 1 Butter
Apple Sorbet1 Slush Ice, 1 Apple, 1 Sugarcane
Aurora’s Cake1 Raspberry, 1 Wheat, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Egg, 1 Milk
Banana Ice Cream1 Slush Ice, 1 Banana, 1 Milk, 1 Sugarcane
Banana Pie1 Banana, 1 Wheat, 1 Butter
Banana Split1 Slush Ice, 1 Banana,1 Milk, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Sweet
Beignets1 Canola, 1 Wheat, 1 Egg, 1 Sugarcane
Berry Salad1 Raspberry, 1 Blueberry, 1 Gooseberry
Birthday Cake1 Wheat, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Egg, 1 Butter, 1 Cocoa Bean
Biscuits1 Wheat, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Butter
Blueberry Pie1 Blueberry, 1 Wheat, 1 Butter
Candy1 Sweet
Caramel Apples1 Sugarcane, 1 Apple
Carrot Cake1 Carrot, 1 Wheat, 1 Egg, 1 Sugarcane
Cheesecake1 Cheese, 1 Wheat, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Fruit
Cherry Pie1 Cherry, 1 Wheat, 1 Butter
Chocolate Chip Cookies1 Cocoa Bean, 1 Wheat, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Butter
Chocolate Ice Cream1 Cocoa Bean, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Slush Ice, 1 Milk
Chocolate Waffles1 Cocoa Bean, 1 Wheat, 1 Egg, 1 Milk
Coconut Cake1 Butter, 1 Coconut, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Wheat, 1 Egg
Coconut Ice Cream1 Coconut, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Slush Ice, 1 Milk
Crepe1 Wheat, 1 Milk, 1 Egg, 1 Vanilla
Fruit Salad1 Fruit
Fruit Sorbet1 Slush Ice, 1 Fruit
Gray Stuff1 Dairy, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Cocoa Bean
Ice Cream1 Slush Ice, 1 Milk, 1 Sugarcane
Jam Waffles1 Fruit, 1 Wheat, 1 Egg, 1 Milk
Lemon Sorbet1 Lemon, 1 Slush Ice
Meringue Pie1 Lemon, 1 Butter, 1 Wheat, 1 Egg
Mint Candy1 Mint, 1 Sugarcane
Mint Chocolate1 Mint, 1 Cocoa Bean, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Butter
Mint Sorbet1 Mint, 1 Slush Ice
Pastry Cream and Fruits3 Fruits, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Milk
Pawpsicle1 Slush Ice, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Fruit
Peanut Butter Waffles1 Peanut, 1 Wheat, 1 Egg, 1 Milk
Plain Snow Cones1 Ice
Red Fruit Pie1 Butter, 1 Fruit, 1 Wheat, 1 Raspberry
Red Fruit Sorbet1 Raspberry, 1 Gooseberry, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Slush Ice
Root Beer1 Ginger, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Vanilla
Shake1 Dairy
Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie1 Gooseberry, 1 Wheat, 1 Butter
Sour Snow Cones1 Slush Ice, 1 Lemon, 1 Sugarcane
Sweet Slush1 Slush Ice, 1 Sweet
Tropical Pop1 Slush Ice, 1 Coconut, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Fruit
Vanilla Ice Cream1 Slush Ice, 1 Milk, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Vanilla
Waffles1 Wheat, 1 Milk, 1 Egg, 1 Sweet
Wedding Cake1 Wheat, 1 Butter, 1 Egg, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Vanilla
Wonderland Cookies1 Butter, 1 Vanilla, 1 Sugarcane, 1 Wheat

You’ll feel like a real chef once you tackle all these recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley! If you’re still hungry for more things to do in Disney’s life sim adventure, then we have tons of other content to check out below:

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