How to summon & defeat Duke Fishron in Terraria

Aakrit Sharma
Duke Fishron boss in Terraria

There are many bosses in Terraria that let you test your mettle. One such beast is Duke Fishron, and here’s how to summon and defeat this Hardmode boss in Terraria.

Progression in Terraria is largely based on your ability to take out enemies and the ultimate goal is to defeat the Moon Lord. However, there’s an abundance of optional challenges in the game and one that is wildly popular is summoning and defeating Duke Fishron.

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Duke Fishron is a Hardmode boss that lives in the Ocean. While beating Duke Fishron isn’t important for progressing in the story, it can help you get some brilliant loot.

On that note, here’s how to summon and defeat Duke Fishron in Terraria.

How to summon Duke Fishron in Terraria

You can summon Duke Fishron in Terraria by fishing in the Ocean and using the Truffle Worm as bait. Truffle Worm is a Hardmode critter implying that you can summon Duke Fishron only in Terraria’s Hardmode.

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Duke Fishron summoned in Terraria

How to get the Truffle Worm in Terraria to summon Duke Fishron

The Truffle Worm in Terraria is a Hardmode critter that exclusively spawns in the Glowing Mushroom biome. You can catch it with a bug net (purchase one for 21 Silver from a Merchant) and use it as bait on a fishing rod to summon Duke Fishron.

It is important to note that the Truffle Worm only spawns in the Cavern/underground layer of the Growing Mushroom biome. You won’t find it on the Surface Glowing Mushroom biome that generates above 0 depth. Also, the worm tends to run away a lot so be prepared to spend some time in the underground biome.

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As for the Hardmode in Terraria, you can access it by beating the Wall of Flesh in your Underworld. Once Wall of Flesh is defeated, the entire world is converted to Hardmode with which you can get your hands on new weapons, bosses, and a lot more exploration content.

Truffle Worm that is used to summon Duke Fishron

How to defeat Duke Fishron in Terraria

There are many deciding factors in your battle against Duke Fishron in Terraria and we’ll cover them all separately.

Before that, here’s a chart that reveals Duke Fishron’s stats such as HP, Def, and damage at different stages and modes:

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Stats/Mode >ClassicExpertMaster
Enraged Defense100100100
Melee Damage100140210
Enraged Melee Damage200280420
Detonating Bubble damage100150225
Tornado damage80100150

Best armor & weapon to defeat Duke Fishron in Terraria

Shroomite armor, Turtle armor, Spectre Armor, and Titanium Armor are some of the best armors to take out Duke Fishron in Terraria. You can craft all these armors with in-game materials.

As for weapons, you should focus on having something that has a long shooting range and shoots in a straight path. Some of the best options include:

  • Megashark
  • Stynger
  • Nail Gun

If you’re planning to have a melee battle with Duke Fishron, these weapons can be the most helpful:

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  • Terra Blade
  • Influx Waver
  • Shadowflame Knife

Some of these weapons like Stynger are dropped by the Golem which is another terrifying boss in Terraria. If you’re unable to defeat Duke Fishron after beating the mechanical bosses, it is recommended to take on the Golem first and use the gear dropped by it to defeat the aquatic beast.

Glowing Mushroom biome in Terraria where you can find Truffle Worm

Create a platform before fighting Duke Fishron

Before summoning Duke Fishron, it is wise to create a platform that is high enough from the ocean and slightly below space. Escaping the Ocean biome will enrage the boss and you certainly wouldn’t want to deal with that.

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You can either use this platform to walk during the fight or place two teleporters on the ends and remove the platform itself. This way, you’ll be able to teleport frequently and dodge Fishron’s attack. However, the teleporter setup is only useful if you’re having a ranged fight with Duke Fishron.

For the best arena setup possible, you can also place a wall above your platform to block Duke Fishron’s aerial attacks.

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Platform built to fight Duke Fishron in Terraria

Duke Fishron’s attacks in Terraria & how to avoid them

Stage 1 – Detonanting Bubble and Sharkron

Duke Fishron has two attacks in its first stage:

Detonating Bubble:

Duke Fishron shoots around 10-20 bubbles from its mouth and you can anticipate this move as soon as the boss moves to the top right or the top left corner of the screen. Use a ranged weapon to shoot these bubbles or they’ll damage you and apply the Wet debuff upon contact.


Duke Fishron waves its fins and drops blobs of water that eventually turn into tornadoes. If the tornado hits you, you’ll receive damage from more Sharkrons that are summoned by the tornado itself.

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You can evade this attack through teleporters on your platform, by eliminating the Sharkron with bullets like the bubbles, or with wings. Yet again, a ranged weapon will make things easier as dodging these attacks with a melee setup is more challenging.

Duke Fishron bossfight in Terraria's Master Mode

Stage two – Duke Fishron loses 50% HP

Duke Fishron still uses the Detonating Bubble and Sharkron attacks in its second stage. However, the quantity and damage of the bubbles and the tornadoes are significantly higher. This is accompanied by an increase in Duke’s attack speed.

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Hence, clearing this stage will require you to have fast reflexes, strong armor, and efficient teleporters (depending on your strategy).

Stage Three (only appears in Expert Mode after Duke Fishron’s health is below 15%)

If you’re playing Terraria in Expert Mode, Duke Fishron enters a third stage that grants it invisibility and fog covers the screen.

Although Fishron’s body turns invisible, you can still spot it due to the glowing eyes. Moreover, there’s a fixed attack pattern (charge-teleport-charge twice-teleport) and you should attack Duke Fishron when it’s not charging at you and is about to teleport.

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By properly understanding the attacks of Duke Fishron and attacking it when it’s vulnerable, you should be able to clear the boss fight with ease. Naturally, strong armor and an effective arena setup (platform + teleporter) will also play a major role in the fight.

Duke Fishron boss battle drops in Terraria

Although Duke Fishron is not a compulsory boss in Terraria, players frequently challenge it for the brilliant loot they get upon winning. The items and the odds of receiving them in different modes are mentioned in this chart:

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ItemsDrop chance in Classic ModeDrop chance in Expert ModeDrop chance in Master Mode
Silver Coins50 Coins 50 Coins
Gold Coins25 Coins87 Coins87 Coins
Duke Fishron Trophy10%10%10%
Greater Healing Potions (5-15)100%100%100%
Duke Fishron Treasure Bag (the items below are a part of this bag)100%100%
Shrimpy Truffle100%100%
Duke Fishron Mask14.2%14.2%14.2%
Fishron Wings6.6%10%10%
Duke Fishron Relic100%
Pork of the Sea25%
Tempest Staff20%20%20%
Bubble Gun20%20%20%
Razorblade Typhoon20%20%20%

That was everything you need to know about summoning and defeating Duke Fishron in Terraria. For similar content, you can check out our boss guides on how to beat Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact, how to beat the Deep Stone Crypt raid in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and how to hatch a dragon egg in Minecraft.

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