How to sneak out in The Sims 4

Amitesh Dhar
Character sneaking out in Sims 4

With the High School Years expansion for The Sims 4, teen Sims can sneak out of their house at night. But how do you do it, and can you do it whenever you want to? Here are all the answers.

Sims 4 offers players the experience of living a virtual life that includes many real life aspects too. Released back in 2014, the game has seen multiple expansions that have made it more realistic than what it was before.

For example, the High School Years expansion allows your Sim to explore the teenager lifestyle in the game. While exploring this lifestyle, there might be moments where you need to sneak out of your house.

So how do you sneak out in The Sims 4?

How to sneak out without getting caught in Sims 4

To sneak out in The Sims 4, you need to ensure that your house has atleast one EZ window available. This window should be accessible from the inside as well as the outside. Without this, your Sim will not be able to sneak out of the house.

There are a few pointers you need to keep in mind as well if you plan to sneak out in Sims 4. They are as follows:

  • To sneak out, ensure that you have all your doors locked, otherwise the Sim will move out of the door instead of the window.
  • If the window is on a second floor, ensure that there is a path that allows the Sim to move easily.
  • Ensure that your parents are asleep or preoccupied when you sneak out, otherwise, you might get caught and you will receive a negative mood in the game.
Character sneaking out o the house in The Sims 4
You need to have a proper path for your Sim to sneak out at night.

Can you sneak out whenever you want in The Sims 4?

Unfortunately, you cannot sneak out whenever you want to in Sims 4.

As you navigate your daily life, you will befriend other Sims in the game. Once you’ve earned a stable friendship, you will get a call from them, asking you to meet up for a concert or a party.

At this point, you can either ask your parents for permission or sneak out without their knowledge. These incidents are triggered randomly, so you can’t go out late at night as and when you want to.

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